Sharing the Love: A Bookaholic Tale

Once upon a time a young girl was sitting in the afternoon rays of the sun, occupying her little unassuming corner of the world. As she sat there avoiding her revision for an upcoming exam, she wondered why the world couldn’t simply run on love and books instead of statistics. It would be much more fun.
Then out of the corner of her eye a new blog comments popped into her inbox, they told her she had won two awards for doing what she loved. This made her little heart soar with joy, maybe the world did run on love and books after all.
She would like to thank Bound4Escape and Strung Out on Books for the nominations that brightened up her cloudy day.
The End.

~ * ~

~ Ruley rule rules (because we live in a structured society people). :
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Exams and Tagging Wars

Hello bloggers!
Sorry I’ve been A.W.O.L. for a while and that I’ve been taking a while to answer comments etc, it’s that exam period ticking round again and it’s suddenly hit me the horrendous amount of work I’ve got to cover with not nearly enough time to do it in, and I have to admit, I’m struggling to stay positive. 😦 So blogging, reading, the majority of social networking, any form of normal life really has ceased until the 15th of June.

However Yasmine over at Y@smine in the World. Wide. Web tagged me this week, and I figured “hey, that’s a good excuse for me to do a quick post in the evening when my brain is fried and can’t take in any more revision.”
So, without further ado:

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