The Hobbit News: Film to be Split into Three not Two!!!

This is just a quick post, but an important one nonetheless. I have been keeping a close eye on all things Hobbit for some time. So I got extremely excited a couple of days ago when I received a Tweet through my phone.


I held my breath. No! Could it really be?! I followed the link (which you can read here if you wish) but to summarize it in short; Peter Jackson and several others got the chance to watch back a lot of the footage and realized that they potentially had enough material to extend it into three films instead of the expected two fans have been looking forward to. By doing this they might also be able to include extra’s from the Lord of the Rings appendixes padding out our favourite world into even more rich detail. However, they still needed the go ahead from actors, studio’s etc.

Well, today I got this through my phone:

And this statement was released on the film’s Facebook page:

Peter Jackson:
“It is only at the end of a shoot that you finally get the chance to sit down and have a look at the film you have made.

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Upcoming Book to Film Adaptions – Who’s excited? I am!

There has never been a more exciting time to be a bookworm.

Films and books have always had a close relationship, and in the last decade they have grown even closer. I’m sure the popularity of films like Harry Potter and Twilight have contributed to this. It seems as if the film industry has finally cottoned on to the fact that book adaptions are gold dust.
Popular books have enormous fan bases from various ages, and if there’s one thing us bookworms are known for, it’s our dedication.

While book to film adaptions for some can be cause for great excitement and celebration, for others it can be looked on with terror as we contemplate all the horrible ways in which they could ruin our favourite book. I’m personally one of those people who gets excited about adaptions, even though I know sometimes they can desecrate something I love dearly, I choose to remain optimistic. 🙂

Over the pass couple of months I have been noticing so many upcoming book to film adaptions that I decided I needed to post about them. A bibliophile cannot ignore these things! Below I’ve listed all the adaptions I have found so far, accompanied by a trailer, poster, or a bit of information if none of the former are available.

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Snow White and the Huntsman Film Review 5/5

One of my favourite aspects of going to the cinema is seeing the adverts. Many people find this strange; but I love the build up, the anticipation. As you sit Snow White and the Huntsman ticketthere shuffling in your seat, you begin to wonder with a twinge of nervousness if the film will be any good. I’m always the one saying ‘hurry up we’ll miss the start’ people reply ‘it’s alright, we’ll only miss the adverts’ to which I whine ‘but I LIKE the adverts!’
When I went to see The Hunger Games with my friends we got there early so we saw every advert. And amongst the mix of Orange Network, Haribo and War Horse was a theatrical trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman which immediately caught my attention. Well that advert stuck with me, and here we are three months later. See; cinema adverts RULE 😉

The Plot
Once upon a time, in the middle of winter there was a Queen walking in the castle gardens. While admiring a rose she pricked her finger and three drops of blood fell on the snow. The red looked so beautiful on the white that she thought to herself:
If only I had a child with skin as white as snow.
Lips red as blood.
And hair black as ebony.
– The Brothers Grimm
When Snow White’s (Kristen Stewart) mother passes away the kingdom mourns in sorrow. But when King Magnus saves a beautiful woman named Ravenna (Charlize Theron) from a dark army he falls in love once again, and decides to marry. The kingdom rejoices in celebration of his happiness. However all is not well, Continue reading

The Hunger Games Film Review 4/5

Yesterday I painstakingly counted down the hours, the minutes and then excitedly, theP220312_23.44 seconds, until entering the cinema for the advanced screening of The Hunger Games. You could feel the excitement, the tangible buzz of everyone in the cinema. Friends whispered enthusiastically to one another, others shuffled impatiently in their seats, and when the lights finally dimmed clapping and cheering ensued, but when the first set of words were flashed up on the screen, everyone became entirely silent, utterly focused.

This was the moment we had all been waiting for.

A glimpse of the girl on fire.

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Calling all Edgar Allan Poe fans: The Raven adapted for the Big Screen!

Like most new film releases I mention, I’m never sure whether I somehow missed the original wave of knowledge, or if I’m about to bestow some amazing kick ass info on you guys that will have you squealing in excitement, or sighing in exasperation. But either way, it was only yesterday I discovered that there was a film to be released called The Raven based on Edgar Allan Poe’s work starring John Cusack.

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Stephenie Meyer’s The Host to be adapted for the big screen?!?

Is anyone else internally cringing?

I don’t really know if this is common knowledge. Maybe I’m just out of the loop but I hadn’t heard anything about this until 2 minutes ago browsing the Culture section on in The Guardian newspaper. For those of you who don’t know Stephenie Meyer’s The Host was released early 2008. A science fiction romance novel about parasites, I guess you would call them, that invade the body and take over the human race.
Feel free to take a look at the blurb:

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A Quick Update: Reviews, Life, and Release of The Hobbit Trailer!

Hi guys, as some of you may have noticed, there’re been a distinct lack of book reviews on my blog of late, and I feel the need to explain why. I have exams and also two coursework deadlines this January, all of which will go towards my final grades and determine whether I get into University. Stressful stuff! Therefore I have to spend the majority of my time left of December, and also January, with my head down studying. The direct result of this unfortunately, is that I’ve had to restrict my reading habits.


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Season of the Witch Film Review

Season of the Witch film cover

Every year when the winter rolls around, my family branches out and adds Sky Movies  to our TV package. Guess what that means? More movie reviews! (Hopefully that’s a good thing?) One of the premier films this week is Season of the Witch, therefore this will be the film I’m reviewing for you lovely people. 🙂

The Plot
This film is set in the 14th century. It starts off by following two soldiers fighting in the crusades in ‘the name of God’. However during one of the battles Behmen (Nicholas Cage) accidentally kills an innocent woman and sees many other innocent people massacred. This makes him and his fellow soldier Felson (Ron Perlmen) think that the battles there engaging in are wrong, and that surely God can’t want the slaughter of so many people. On realizing this, they desert the army and return to Germany. However when they reach their destination they are given the task of transporting a girl who has been declared a witch, and is being blamed for causing the plague spreading across the land.

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Breaking Dawn Part 1 Film Review

Overall Impression: Taylor took his shirt off within the first five seconds, there were cringe-worthy honeymoon scenes that resulted in my rolling around with laughter, and Kristen Stuart actually learnt some more facial expressions! So all in all, Breaking Dawn part 1 was actually, shockingly………..good!

breaking dawn ticket

Well, where to start…..
So many things to say and not enough time! I really have a love hate relationship with Twilight.  Me and my friend have a tradition that we always go to see the movies together, even though we are no longer ‘Twihard’ fans, and in many ways actually dislike it now. I hate many of the messages in Twilight, not to mention the annoying Bella Swan, the cheesiness, the terrible acting, and yet………..the dorky teenage girl in me still kinda enjoys watching it. Of course, part of that enjoyment is also me and my friend laughing our heads off in all the wrong places that are considered ‘serious’ moments, resulting in us annoying half the cinema.

*BEWARE: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS BELOW* (Even though I think the majority of the world already knows what happens, but y’know just incase.)

The Plot
So the movie begins with Jacob receiving the invitation to Bella and Edwards wedding, which makes him super angry and emotional. The result of this of course is him flinging off his shirt and running into the woods. *swoooon* (the Twilight producers really know a way to a girls heart). This is followed by a montage of Bella’s other friends/relatives also receiving their invitation.

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My exasperation with film trailers

Ok, it’s rant time.

This is an opinion I’ve had for a while, but have kept to myself.

I have always loved film trailers, I used to watch tonnes of them in a row because they were so entertaining. I have so much respect for how they’re cleverly put together.
They have three different sections, or acts (one introducing the characters, two bring in the main problem that needs to be overcome in the film, and three the montage) and two different plot lines. All this comes together to create a mini master piece. There average length is 2 minutes 30 seconds, although once a year the company is allowed to make an exception for one particularly good film and make it up to 3 minutes. Last year, if I remember correctly, this was the trailer for 127 Hours.

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Film: Source Code Review 4/5

(Please Note: I do not own any of the images on this page, or the YouTube video)source code poster

Because I’ve been feeling so ill the last couple of days, I was given the rare opportunity to rent a film. I jumped at the chance and begun flicking through the options of movies. Eventually I came across one named Source Code featuring Jake Gyllenhaal that I’d never heard of. I don’t know if that’s because it wasn’t advertised much, or because I live in a cave when it comes to the latest movie releases, but hey-ho. I rented it.


An helicopter pilot Colter Stevens who works for the ar Continue reading