Julie Kagawa Discusses her Favourite Creatures from Asian Folklore // Guest Post

Julie Kagawa guest post

To celebrate Julie Kagawa’s new YA release, the action-packed, fun-filled, Asian fantasy, Shadow of the Fox, I have a guest post today from the lovely lady herself!

Today, and on theme with Shadow of the Fox, I’ve asked Julie to chat with us about her favourite creatures from Asian folklore.

Personally, this is an area that fascinates me. I love fantasy and fairytale creatures with all my heart, but I especially like learning about new creatures or different cultural interpretations of famous creatures.

I don’t know much about Asian folklore, but I am desperate to explore it more because these tales are so filled with wonder, magic and fascination! I’m also making an active attempt to read more diverse fantasy reads based in different countries because I want to support Own Voice authors. So Bring. It On!

Julie, welcome to Blogs of a Bookaholic, it’s an absolute pleasure to spotlight you here today!

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Stumbling into the world of Guest Blogging

Firstly I would like to apologize again for the lack of book reviews on my blog lately,  although my exams are over I have my Art coursework deadline this week and my Media coursework project due in two weeks, not to mention my looming New York City trip, and it seems like every time I pick up my book to read, I’m either too tired to read more than a page or I have to put it down in favor of more pressing things. Sorry guys

Right now that’s out of the way, on with the post! Last week I was given the opportunity to guest post/contribute regularly to another blog, Two Bullets, Five Zombies. I automatically said yes thinking it could be a chance for me to ramble on some more about topics that aren’t book related, such as film and TV that are also a large part of my life, although no where near as prominent as my book obsession. So with that, I stumbled blindly into the world of guest blogging. But how exactly does one guest blog? What are the rules?

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