DAY 9: Most Overrated Book.

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I have been disappointed a few times in the past when I’ve jumped onto a wave of book hype. A story can be life changing and enlightening to some, but utterly baffling or boring to others. Certain books earn their hype through originality, others gain it through controversy and many books become popular because of the sheer amount of publicity behind them.
A few titles that have disappointed me over the years include The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, Fallen by Lauren Kate and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (although in retrospect, I appreciate Gatsby much more, I just didn’t enjoy it from an entertainment point of view). However, none of these are going to be the book I am talking about today. I have chosen two books in particular to focus on, one of which I think will shock a lot of people! :S Continue reading



I am so overexcited about this discovery courtesy of storytelling nomad!!! I want these DESPERATELY. 😀 I’m sure everyone with a love of literature will have a similar reaction too.
The idea is that each poster based on a book is made up of the entire text of that book, and more than that, it’s actually readable! So you can have the full text of your favourite book laid out for you to read with a single glance. No words are left out but curved around to fit the picture.
There are loads of choices, this blog post shows just a few examples and they are in the process of creating more. Most of them are classics, but you can also request books you want them to do posters for, and if they can get the rights for the texts, they will make it for you! You can check out the awesome website Spineless Classics here. Why not take a look for yourself? 😀 They are expensive, but just look at them! Soooo worth it! Continue reading

Emma by Jane Austen Review 4/5

emma by jane austenOverall Impression: Insightful and funny, with traditional Jane Austen flair, this makes the perfect summer read.

I read this book as a part of the Eclectic Reader Challenge, the Rory Gilmore Challenge, and also because of my personal goal to try and read more classics this year. This is the second Jane Austen book I have read, the first being Pride and Prejudice, but I enjoyed this one much more! Emma was quite a different experience because I had no prior knowledge of the plot, and I think this led to a much more rewarding read.

Emma Woodhouse, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition’ thinks a little too highly of herself, and entertains herself by meddling in the affairs of others. The results are not always to her liking.

The blurb doesn’t give you much of a taster of the book, so here’s my expanded version, as always, no spoilers. 🙂
Emma Woodhouse lives with her eccentric/hypochondriac father and her governess Miss Taylor. Life is good. She lives in the beautiful estate Hartfield, has everything she wants, and has no desire to marry. However, when her closest friend and steady companion Miss Taylor is wed to Mr Weston and moves out, Emma finds herself with a lot of solitary leisure time. Holding herself in high esteem from being the one who first introduced Miss Taylor and Mr Weston, she decides to take up matchmaking, much to the dismay of her friend Mr Knightly. She finds her perfect mission in Harriet Smith, a beautiful but naive young girl who is easily led. She quickly befriends her and sways her in the direction of Mr Elton, a well mannered man she believes is in need of a spouse. But Emma’s scheming doesn’t go to plan, and soon she finds herself in a flurry of unforeseen events, tumbling in a downwards spiral of confusion and mayhem. Continue reading

Bookish Updates: Goodreads, Flying Books and more!

Bloggers of the world beware, I just created a Goodreads account. Who knows what could happen now that I’ve been unleashed on these poor people?
Hopefully I’ll manage to find some new bookish friends, but at the very least I’ll be able to keep track of my reading progress.
I’d been dithering over whether to get a Goodreads account for some time, and when I saw that my good blogging friend Summer had created one, I was even more tempted, but I just wasn’t too sure what it’s purpose was. However blogger Michael finally convinced me, and so I’ve set one up! 🙂 You can find my account here. If you have Goodreads, feel free to add me, or leave a link to your own page on the comments section. 🙂 And if you haven’t got Goodreads? Feel free to join me on my journey through the unknown! I’ve been on the site for four days now, and I think I’m starting to get a feel for it, but for those of you that have been on the site for a long time…..any tips? 🙂

Secondly Continue reading

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen Review 4/5

Overall Impression: There’s a reason this book is a classic. pride_and_prejudice_cover

When Elizabeth Bennett meets Mr Darcy, it’s fair to say he doesn’t make the best first impression. Arrogant, condescending and aloof, he’s everything the spirited and clever Elizabeth despises – and that’s before he breaks her sisters heart.
But why, then, do her thoughts turn to him again and again? Slowly, Elizabeth starts to realize that her first impression may have been wrong. But by then it may just be too late…

Expanding on the blurb, Elizabeth Bennet and her five sisters live in a period of time where the main aim of a lady’s life is to marry. To marry for money, to marry for estate, to marry for the sake of your family; but rarely, to marry for love. So when the wealthy Mr Bingley arrives at Netherfield Park along with his sisters and his friend Mr Darcy, Mrs Bennet begins to hear wedding bells.  A ball is held, as they often are in these stories, which gives the Bennett’s a chance to meet their new neighbours. Mr Bingley begins to show an interest in Jane Bennet, and she is all too flattered by the attention. Meanwhile Elizabeth Bennett has the pleasure of meeting Mr Darcy, an arrogant, and rude man, that insults Elizabeth at their first meeting.
One day, Continue reading