DAY 23: Best Book You’ve Read in the Last 12 Months.

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Well originally I was going to use The Hunger Games Trilogy for this day, but as that ship has sailed far past the area of twelve months, I guess I will be thinking again! Although this year started slowly in terms of reading due to settling into University, I have sure been making up for that this summer by racing through many books! I’m happy to say there have also been a few five stars handed out in my reviews which I love being able to do because it doesn’t happen often. 😀 Within the last twelve months I have given out five five stars, (ohh how poetic) and that’s pretty good going for me. But how an earth do I pick which of these elite is my favourite?  Continue reading

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen Review 5/5

Overall Impression: This book ripped my heart up into pieces and then put it back together again.

I’ve read and enjoyed three of Sarah Dessen’s novels in Just Listen by Sarah Dessenthe past, Lock and Key, The Truth About Forever and Dreamland but Just Listen has to be my favourite so far. I’ve always admired the way she skillfully tackles a serious subject while remaining accessible and lighthearted. That’s why when I did my annual book swap with one of my best budds last year, I made sure to steal all her Sarah Dessen books. 😛 Even so, I rarely give out five stars and was not expecting to fall in love with this book as much as I did! Like the stay up until 4.30am to finish it kinda love. 😀
Warning: Readers should note that this book does cover the delicate issue of rape, although this is only one aspect of the story. If this topic is a painful trigger, you may not want to read on.

I’m Annabel.
I’m the girl who has it all.
Model look, confidence, a great social life.
I’m one of the lucky ones.
Aren’t I?
My ‘best friend’ is spreading rumours about me. My family is slowly falling apart. It’s turning into a long, lonely summer, full of secrets and silence.
But I’ve met this guy who won’t let me hide away. He’s one of those intense types, obsessed with music.
He’s determined to make me listen.
And he’s determined to make me smile.
But can he help me forget what happened the night everything changed?

Annabel and her best friend Clarke are content playing cards and hanging out at the pool until the charismatic, confident Sophie moves to town. After Annabel extends the hand of friendship Sophie whisks her into the world she has always secretly dreamed of, parties, boys and popularity. Continue reading