Underneath by Michael Cargill Review 4/5

Overall Impression: GUnderneath by Michael Cargillripping, hilarious, disturbing. The story of a psychologically unstable individual.

This was a thrilling and extremely entertaining book. I have been looking forward to reading Underneath for some time. Michael Cargill was the first indie author I ever read, his short story collection Shades of Grey was intriguing and had a very distinctive narrative voice so I was looking forward to seeing what he would come up with next! Underneath not only met my expectations but exceeded them, the author’s writing has improved dramatically since his last book and it is so great to see the evolution of someone’s skill in motion. 🙂
Underneath was offered to me in exchange for an author interview, book giveaway and an honest review.

Look at the person sitting just across from you. It doesn’t matter whether they’re a loved one, a friend, or a complete stranger.
Now look at their face. Are they happy? Are they sad? Or are they angry? Can you even tell?
How well do you actually know the people closest to you?
Have you ever seen the real person that lies just underneath what you see…?

The story Underneath follows a disturbed man named Hugh with a love for squirrels and garlic flavouring. He is antisocial, violent and a complete and utter sociopath with no regard for those around him. In the past he has made attempts to take part in society with regular office jobs and participating in clubs, but it is never long before the cracks in his mask begin to show and those around him see the terrifying truth of what lies underneath. So when he sets his eyes on a beautiful girl on the train, who knows what disaster could ensue?
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Author Interview with Michael Cargill: Talking Sociopaths and Going With the Flow!

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I would like to welcome back, Michael Cargill! I first interviewed this guy way back in April when he was promoting his book Shades of Grey – Three short stories surrounding different people and their battle to survive.
Since he was such a joy to interview the first time, I thought I would invite him back again! 🙂 Michael is offering up FIVE FREE copies of his latest book, Underneath, so don’t forget to
enter the giveaway for a chance to win!

So it’s nice to have you back again Michael, and with a full length published novel this time! How did you find the process of writing a novel, different to writing a short story? Was it harder?
It was only harder in the sense that it took longer to do, and the editing process made me feel twice as suicidal as it usually does. Each time I’ve started writing something, it’s ended up longer than the one that came before it. The one I’m working on now is longer than Underneath, and it aint even finished yet.
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Shades of Grey by Michael Cargill Review 3/5

Overall Impression: From government organizations, to battles in WW2, and evil teddies. This book is surely an entertaining mixture.shades-of-grey2

I received a request to review this book by the author Michael Cargill, it is a collection of three short stories; Shades of Grey, There and Back Again, and Down the Rabbit Hole.

John is not a very nice man. He works for the government. So who has tied him to a chair and what do they want? James is a British soldier during WWII. Tom is a young boy with a terrible secret.
Three stories. Three very different people. All of them battling to survive.

Shades of Grey
This story focuses on John, a man that works for the government. One day he finds himself tied to a chair in an interrogation room. He doesn’t know why he’s there or what they want, but he does know one thing; he’s not talking. As his interrogators try to coax information out of him he fades in and out of consciousness and reminisces on his life. Will he find a way to escape? Does he even want to?

I really enjoyed this story because I felt it was very original, I have never read anything with a setup quite like it. Continue reading

Author Interview and Free Book Giveaway!

Hello all! Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I’ve been busy, busy, busy. But I’m making up for it now by bringing you Blogs-Of-A-Bookaholic’s first EVER author interview and book giveaway! This is groundbreaking news people! It almost makes me….dare I say …a more professional blogger? Mwuhuhu.
Michael Cargill is a fellow WordPress user, and aspiring author. He is here to share a little bit about himself, and promote his new book Shades of Grey! He is also offering a grand total of TEN copies of his book to give away, so please make him feel welcome.
Let the questions begin! 🙂

What made you decide to take the leap and self publish?
I used to send stupid emails to people at work and some of those people said I should write a book. In the end I decided to publish some of the stuff that was in the emails and Diary of a Dork was born. It took me a while to pluck up the courage to do it but after that I realized how easy it was to do. Diary of a Dork isn’t actually a story or anything, it’s just off-beat humor that is very different to my other books. Some of the characters in it live on in spirit on my blog though…

Who is your favorite author?
My favourite author is definitely Stephen King.   Continue reading