Quoting the Quill #19

quoting the quill small

“Books fall open,
you fall in,
delighted where
you’ve never been.
Hear voices not once heard before,
Reach world through world,
through door on door.
Find unexpected keys to things,
locked up beyond imaginings…
True books will venture,
Dare you out,
Whisper secrets,
Maybe shout,
Across the gloom,
to you in need
Who hanker for a book to read.”

– David McCord

~ * ~

Holy wow! I found this quote yesterday and completely fell in love with it.  Continue reading

Calling all Edgar Allan Poe fans: The Raven adapted for the Big Screen!

Like most new film releases I mention, I’m never sure whether I somehow missed the original wave of knowledge, or if I’m about to bestow some amazing kick ass info on you guys that will have you squealing in excitement, or sighing in exasperation. But either way, it was only yesterday I discovered that there was a film to be released called The Raven based on Edgar Allan Poe’s work starring John Cusack.

My first reaction was huh? How can they possibly come up with a two hour film based on a poem? I was immediately inspired to do some digging and discovered that Continue reading