Hood by Stephen Lawhead Review 2/5

Overall Impression: A dissapointing read.

3 long weeks ago, I went to visit the Library. Upon visiting I came across a book that looked rather good, a new take on the well-known story of Robin Hood.
Now today as I finish the last page of this book, I’m staring outside, watching the rain pummel my window and slowly dribble down the glass; and I’m thinking, this weather pretty much sums up this book; disappointing…

“When Brans Father is murdered by Norman soldiers, he flees to London, seeking justice. The journey is long and hard – and the suffering of those he meets along the way fuels his anger.
With his demands dismissed. Bran has no choice but to return home, where a worse fate awaits him. His lands have been confiscated and his people enslaved by a brutal and corrupt regime.
Should Bran flee or protect his people by surrendering to his fathers murderers? The answer, perhaps, is known only to King Raven – a creature of myth and magic born of the forests darkest shadows.” Continue reading