The Ambassador’s Mission by Trudi Canavan Review 3/5

Overall Impression: Trudi Canavan’s writing still shines The Ambassador's Mission by Trudi Canavanamong the rubble of some awkward plotting.

Just throwing it out there that my current nail varnish matches the colour of this book, I think that’s kind of awesome considering it was coincidental. 😛
So I’ve finally finished the novel I have been eagerly anticipating for years! This is the first book in the Traitor Spy Trilogy which follows up 20 years after the events in The Black Magician Trilogy I fell in love with so swiftly. You definitely need to read The Black Magician Trilogy first as this book follows many of the old characters and helps with the background history of how the world works.
For pure enjoyment this novel would theoretically get 4 stars because I love the author’s style. However, here in sucky old reality there were a lot of issues holding this book back from being amazing that the reviewer side of my brain couldn’t shut off. This is the second book set in this world by my favourite author I’ve given 3 stars, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME TRUDI? WHHHYYYYYY?!?!

Please note: For those of you that haven’t read the previous Black Magician Trilogy this review will contain spoilers about previous plots and characters from those books. However, this review will not contain any major spoilers about the book The Ambassador’s Mission.

As the son of the late High Lord Akkarin, saviour of the city, and Sonea, the former street urchin turned Black Magician, Lorkin has a legacy of heroism and adventure to live up to. So when Lord Dannyl takes the position of Guild Ambassador to Sachaka, Lorkin volunteers to be his assistant in the hopes of making his mark on the world. Continue reading