The Gemstone Chronicles: The Carnelian by William L. Stuart Review 4/5

Overall Impression: Fun fantasy for all the family. 🙂 Magical Elves, terThe Gemstone Chronicles Book One by William L Stuartrible trolls and mysterious gemstones.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to sink my teeth into a fantasy book, and I’d forgotten how much I like them! I always state fantasy as my favourite genre, and yet lately I have been leaning towards a bundle of YA as the stories are easy to follow when you’re balancing deadlines. I’m glad that this book was able to remind me of my love for the genre. 🙂
The Carnelian is the first book in The Gemstone Chronicles series, and was offered to me in exchange for an author interview, book giveaway and an honest review. I really enjoyed the book and am looking forward to seeing what will happen in the next installment!

When Aidan and Maggie find a fairy cross while rock-hunting with their grandfather, it’s just an oddity. But when they discover there is an elf imprisoned in the stone and set him free, they and their grandparents, Nana and Beebop, are attacked by some Dark Elves and have to flee to the magical world of Celahir where they join the quest to recover the gemstones stolen from the Elven Bow.

Beebop, Nana, Aidan and Maggie are your stereotypical loving family, they don’t have to worry about anything except school and what they might be having for dinner. Yet when Beebop and the kids go rock hunting they come across a mysterious stone in the shape of a cross. Intrigued, they take it home with plans to study it further. But there is something unusual about it, and one evening before Maggie goes to sleep a spectral figure appears begging to be released. Alarmed, Nana insists they get rid of the stone, but the children cannot quell their curiosity. They smash it freeing an elf named Findecano, he tells them of a word of magical creatures, feuding clans and ancient gemstones. The family cannot believe their ears, but when their house is ransacked by an angry troll Continue reading

Author Interview with William L. Stuart: Talking Elves & Magical Gemstones!

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I would like to introduce you all to William L. Stuart who is here to promote his new book, The Gemstone Chronicles – a fun fantasy tale of magic and adventure. 🙂 He is also offering up ONE FREE copy of his book, so don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a chance to win! 

Hi William, tell us a little bit about yourself? Have you always wanted to write?
I am sort of an accidental writer. The book idea actually came from a conversation between my grandson (Aidan) and I while we were out hunting gemstones in the north Georgia mountains. I had done a little research about the “magical” properties of gemstones and we were discussing them when he suggested I write a book about gemstones and elves and The Gemstone Chronicles were born! Continue reading