Are less people reading books? What do you think?

I often sit in the school Library during some of my free periods, staring at the books around me, with their worn covers, and limp, brown stained pages. They look so unloved, and abandoned. As the weeks go by I always sit in the same spot in the Library, staring at the exact same books, Just Listen, The Dream Merchant, etc. and they never move. Which means, nobody ever takes any books out. I’ve also noticed, that slowly, the shelves are being emptied. Section by section. Because there’s no demand. No one wants to read them. And I can’t help but die a little inside, every time I see a book disappear.
I know SOME people must read books or they would stop producing them, but I have to wonder, how many people in my generation actually read….
I know so many people who say “I don’t enjoy it”, “It’s boring”, “Why read a book when you can watch a film?”
But I just don’t understand it, ever since I can remember, I’ve loved books. When I was too young to read, my parents would read to me or I would just stare at the words and the way they made pretty swirls on the page. When I got older I would read books, and then copy them out, word for word, on sheets of paper, just to make the story last a little longer…..Now, I read endlessly, and then I blog about reading.

Do you read? Do your friends read? If so, why/why not? I’d love to get a discussion going, or hear your comments!
If not…ohh well, I enjoyed writing this blog anyway.. :L