Snow White and the Huntsman Film Review 5/5

One of my favourite aspects of going to the cinema is seeing the adverts. Many people find this strange; but I love the build up, the anticipation. As you sit Snow White and the Huntsman ticketthere shuffling in your seat, you begin to wonder with a twinge of nervousness if the film will be any good. I’m always the one saying ‘hurry up we’ll miss the start’ people reply ‘it’s alright, we’ll only miss the adverts’ to which I whine ‘but I LIKE the adverts!’
When I went to see The Hunger Games with my friends we got there early so we saw every advert. And amongst the mix of Orange Network, Haribo and War Horse was a theatrical trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman which immediately caught my attention. Well that advert stuck with me, and here we are three months later. See; cinema adverts RULE 😉

The Plot
Once upon a time, in the middle of winter there was a Queen walking in the castle gardens. While admiring a rose she pricked her finger and three drops of blood fell on the snow. The red looked so beautiful on the white that she thought to herself:
If only I had a child with skin as white as snow.
Lips red as blood.
And hair black as ebony.
– The Brothers Grimm
When Snow White’s (Kristen Stewart) mother passes away the kingdom mourns in sorrow. But when King Magnus saves a beautiful woman named Ravenna (Charlize Theron) from a dark army he falls in love once again, and decides to marry. The kingdom rejoices in celebration of his happiness. However all is not well, later that night in the cover of darkness Ravenna murders King Magnus and with the help of her brother (Sam Spruell) they seize control of the kingdom and lock Snow White up in a tower.
We fast forward several years and the kingdom is in ruin, waning under the harsh rule of Queen Ravenna. One evening when following her normal routine of mirror mirror she discovers that there is another set to surpass her; Snow White. However she is told the object of her undoing is also the object of her salvation. If she destroys Snow White’s heart, she will stay young forever; eternal life.
Ravenna orders her brother off to the tower to kill Snow White, but she outsmarts him and escapes, fleeing into the dark forest. The Queen enlists the help of a huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to capture her and the rest of the film follows these events and there repercussions as Snow White tries desperately to stay alive and reclaim the throne.
snow white revenna with raven dress  huntsman close up  snow white close up

The Verdict
Wow, I was so blown away by this film!
I must admit I was skeptical going in. I thought it might be one of those that shows everything it has to give in it’s small two minute trailer and I saw that it had got a lot of mixed reviews that were far nearer to the negatives than the positives. But I absolutely loved it! It’s the best film I’ve seen in a while. The plot is of course, a well known one, but the film manages to switch it up very well, while still remaining true to the key themes, and important aspects of the story e.g. the mirror and the red apple. The film has a running time of 127 minutes but the pace remains steady throughout, every time I thought the action was going to slow down BAM another twist, chase, or amazing piece of CGI would flash up on the screen, keeping me hypnotized and completed focused on the film in front of me. It didn’t just stick to Snow White either, it subtly incorporates several other fairytales in there for those with a keen eye; a transformed version of Billy Goats Gruff and Rapunzel were in there too. As a bookworm it certainly ticked all my literary boxes.

snow white and her apple  Snow_White_and_the_Huntsman mirror

I  also loved how they added in a feminist touch to the storyline through Ravenna’s childhood flashbacks. It was great to get some background as to how she became twisted and narcissistic and to explain why she is so obsessed with beauty. We live in a culture where looks are perceived to be everything. But we have equal rights, at least in theory. But in Revenna’s world (which resembles a medieval-esk period) she is not as fortunate.
I still felt like it left a few questions unanswered, for example why Revenna didn’t just kill Snow White in the first place when she was only a small threat, instead of waiting until she was capable, but hey, since when have fairytales ever made sense? I also think some plot points could have been developed a little more, but seeing as the film was already really long, that wouldn’t have been practical. It is not the most complex film around either, but still had a reasonable amount of layers you could unpick.

snow white Revenna

The characterization was also great. I know a lot of people will probably say that there was so much plot wise going on in the movie that there wasn’t enough time to develop the characters fully, but in a film like this that has more of an emphasis on action, I didn’t feel that it was as important, and there was certainly enough for me to grab onto and really enjoy!
The dwarves were great and really funny, Chris Hemsworth was also well cast as the Huntsman even though he didn’t exactly get a lot of material to work with in terms of the romance – but then, I also kind of liked it for that reason. I didn’t think the point of the story was the romance, I know a lot of people complained about the vague love triangle that made an appearance but I didn’t have a problem with it. To me there was never any doubt who she would end up with and I saw the love triangle almost as a metaphor for Snow White’s transformation from young child to accomplisnow-white-and-the-huntsmanshed woman.
Anti-Kristen Stewart fans will also be pleased to know that for a lead character, she had surprisingly few lines. (So don’t let this put you off seeing the film!) Her job was mostly to pose for reaction shots and look innocent. And actually, I think she did a really good job of this, I believed in her and what she was portraying, and by the end of the film I was really routing for her to succeed.
It is Charlize Theron in the role of evil queen however, that is the true star of this film. She has fantastic screen presence, you really can’t take your eyes off her. She somehow manages to convey strength, beauty, and vulnerability all at the same time. Even while she is sucking the youth out of a young girl on screen, you can’t help but feel a certain kinship/affinity with her.

In all honesty I didn’t really notice the cinematography, (except for all the reaction shots of Kristen’s face) I got too caught up in the movie, so all I can really say about it is that they must of done it well because it was very unobtrusive. The CGI they used though, was absolutely breathtaking, I couldn’t look away. I have never been so impressed. When I’m reading the Grimm fairytales in my head that is exactly how I picture the worlds the stories are set in……just so full of magic and childish wonder. I felt like I was 7 years old again. (It’s very similar to the CGI used in Alice in Wonderland they released in 2010.)

This is exactly what I love about film. Recognizing all the different aspects of Mise en scène ( e.g. lighting, sound, props, acting etc.) coming together just right, to create such a fantastic final piece. It fascinates me how they all work together to create a masterpiece. The balance is so delicate, but for me personally, Snow White and the Huntsman got it just right. It reminded me of a cross between Stardust for it’s effects and magical feel and Quest for Camelot for it’s storyline and the mysterious forest.

snow white and troll
I understand that this film won’t be for everyone so I would recommend it to fantasy lovers, those who love fairytales, and people that like some fun action and CGI. It’s family friendly but will also appeal to teens and adults alike, although it’s probably targeted for the most part towards females. The most important thing about this film? As soon as I came out of the cinema, I wanted to run back in and watch it again! Go buy your tickets people 😉

You can check out the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman below. (I have to say, this is the best trailer I’ve seen for a film in a while, it gives me goosebumps! The music, the voice over, everything is just perfect to me!) 🙂

P.S. Sorry if any of the wording in this is a bit random, I have a cold at the moment and my brain isn’t really functioning to full capacity.

Originality: (kind of not relevant with this one but in terms of retelling) 5/5
Entertainment: 5/5
Characters: 4/5
Cinematography: 5/5
Computer-Generated Imagery): 5/5

Overall: 5/5

Image Sources:
Revenna with raven dress:
Huntsman close up:
Snow White close up:
Revenna and her mirror:
Snow White and the apple: Revenna on throne:×1050.jpg
Snow White and troll:×576.jpg
Snow White and Huntsman with axe:

21 thoughts on “Snow White and the Huntsman Film Review 5/5

  1. Chris Hemsworth – now he’s a hottie!! I went to see this movie just to see him (drool :)). No, all kidding aside, I really enjoyed this movie too. It’s always great to see a good old fashioned fairy tale done with a new twist. Great review!!

    • Hahaa, I have to agree with you there! 😛 This is actually the first movie I’ve seen him in, I haven’t seen Thor yet but yeah, it was a very pleasant expirience. 😉

      I’m glad you enjoyed the movie too, it was so great to see a fairytale done well. It’s a shame it has been getting some negative reviews.

      Thank you, much appriciated! 🙂

  2. I love the adverts too! I also love the queues, but my favourite bit is when they charge you a fortune for food and drink. If the people who serve me are rude, then it just adds to the experience I find. And if people talk during the film, I like that as well.

    You weirdo.

    I saw the trailer for this a while ago actually, and I was hoping it would be decent. Any film that gets a bit of Rapunzel somewhere in there is onto a winner.

    Get well soon.

    • LOL Michael, your enthusiasm just leaps off the page. :L I have warned you of my weirdness 😛 Maybe you should do one of your sarcastic blog posts on going to the cinema!
      But there are ways to solve this, let me give you the inside scoop:
      1.) Take your own food and drink.
      2.) Pre-book so you don’t have to cue.
      3.) Complete the points above so there is no need to talk to any of the rude employee’s.


      Cool, I hope you do like it if you ever decide to watch it. And thanks 🙂

  3. Wow, 5/5! I have to see this movie now. I wasn’t going to because of Stewart but because of what you said, I’ll probably ignore that now.

    The advertisements before movies are far more interesting than the ones on TV because of the full-length trailers they show. I wouldn’t go out of my way to see them, but I do kind of enjoy them 🙂

    • Haha I know! It’s the first time I’ve thought this highly of a movie for quite a while! I was definitely nervous about the Stewart factor before I went, but she was actually good, although a couple of times her English accent did start to grate on me a little. But again, she had few lines so it wasn’t really an issue. It was quite difficult to pinpoint why this film was great for me, it just was. 🙂

      Woop woop! Someing who kindddddaa gets what I’m talking about! Haha. 🙂 They are much better, and they give you an excuse to eat loads of your popcorn 😉

  4. You’ve convinced me to watch this movie. I was originally reluctant because of K-Stew’s presence in it, so thanks for the reassurance. Theron is amazing, and I’m looking forward to seeing it now.

    You should read the short “Snow, Glass, Apples” by Neil Gaiman within the collection “Smoke & Mirrors.” It is an eerily similar take on Snow White that you will likely love if you’re a Gaiman fan at all.

    • Really? That’s great, I’m so glad, you won’t be disappointed! 🙂
      Yeah, I think that has put a lot a lot of people off, including myself to an extent (although luckily not enough for me to change my mind about seeing the film) I agree Theron is amazing, and she has by far more screen time than Stewart I’m sure you will be pleased to hear. This role is so perfect for her, I can’t imagine anyone playing it after seeing her do it so gracefully and well.

      Just used the good ol’ interwebs to look up your book suggestion. Looks very intriguing! I haven’t tried any Gaiman yet but I do intend to, perhaps this would be a good place to start! Thanks for the suggestion, and enjoy the film. 🙂

  5. Okay, I wanted to go see this and your review has really made me want to go – the way you describe it sounds amazing 🙂 really can’t wait to go see it now! though one thing I really do want to know, what was Kristen’s accent like? x

    • Haha it was amazing, I was so captivated! 🙂 I hope you enjoy it as much a I did when you go and see it.
      Her accent was a little grating at points because it was a sort of really posh English one, but it kind of sounded like she was putting it on because it was over-the-top. x

  6. Visually I thought this movie was EXTRAORDINARY. I felt like I was watching art, it was just so beautiful. I was a little disappointed with the character development, but there was so much else to love about the film that I didn’t really care. Great review, thanks Becky! 🙂

    • I completely agree! It was like all of my bookish dreams were coming true in front of me, teehee. I also think the character development was not the best but I think it was good enough to fly under the radar because of all the other excellent elements like you.

      Thanks! 🙂 And no problem, I’m glad you enjoyed the film too!

  7. I wasn’t as impressed with this movie as I hoped I would be. Theron was terrific and you’re right, the GCI WAS indeed breathtaking but apart from that..meh.
    Did you know they actually publish a Snow White and the Huntsman book? Which is..huh? What? I mean, it’s a movie about Snow White based on Snow White’s story so..

    • Yeahh, I remember reading your review. It’s a shame you didn’t enjoy it as much, but you’re definitely not the only one because I’ve come across several other reviews that also wern’t that bothered. 🙂 To be honest, I think I was just so caught up in the beautiful visual fairytale that that was enough for me, if it hadn’t had that element, then I would have several big issues with the film.

      Yeah I did see that they brought that out, and had a similar reaction to you! Haha. I mean…what is the point? Who would want to buy that? Try overkill!

  8. Oh dear, I hope it hasn’t gone out of circuit yet. I will be honest, when I found out about Kristen in the lead role I wasn’t too enthusiastic. But Charlize is always awesome and how amazing was her voice-over in the trailer???!!!
    What irony, pairing such an awful actress with an Oscar-winning actress…

    • Haha no neither was I! But the trailer was so great, I figured I had a 50/50 chance. I’m so glad that I decided to go and see it though, I still really want to watch it again. 🙂
      I know right? SO great! It gives me goosebumps, it’s so atmospheric with all this sort of underlying evil tone it has. Haha, luckily Theron sort of balances her out, and Theron also has way more screentime, so that’s a big plus!

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