Divergent by Veronica Roth Review 5/5

Overall Impression: 489 pages of heart pumping, fist flying endless action. This novel pulls out all the stops!DIVERGENT_B_Format_UK.indd

Can we all just take a moment to mourn the fact that I do not own the US cover of this book? It has been frustrating me for weeks, WEEKS I TELL YOU. The US version is so shiny and pretty and more appropriate for the story, and what do the UK do? Create a new naff, forgettable not to mention PINK (I hate pink) cover. It’s not even a full on I’m pink and I’m proud cover! It’s a I’m a halfway pasty pink that can’t make up its mind! Then of course the retailers had to go and make it impossible to get hold of the American version. Really publishers? REALLY?
*Steam protrudes from ears.*
Sorry, I had to get that out.
Readers that follow the YA book market will have been hard pressed to miss the buzz surrounding Divergent. Not only does it follow the dystopian trend but was one of the first  that surfaced to rival the popularity of The Hunger Games. I avoided reading it for a long time; as you can tell I’m late to the hype with just enough time to get excited about the upcoming movie. I felt so passionate about The Hunger Games that I dismissed Divergent. Who wants a watered down, money grabbing imitation of one of their favourite books? Yet the positive reviews kept coming, some from my favourite and most trusted blogging friends so I had to sit up and take notice. I’m glad I did, because yes, while Divergent has parallels with The Hunger Games it stands in its own right!

Sixteen-year-old Tris is forced to make a terrible choice. In a divided society where everyone must conform, Tris does not fit.
So she ventures out alone, determined to discover where she truly belongs. Shocked by her brutal new life, Tris can trust no one. And yet she is drawn to a boy who seems to both threaten and protect her.
The hardest choice lies ahead.

Sheesh, anyone else think that’s naff blurb? I hate it when they try to fit in all the YA cliché’s.

Tris lives in a futuristic Chicago, a world that has learnt to function by separating individuals into five idealistic personality types. Each faction has its own role within society ensuring order. There is Candor the honest, Amity the peaceful, Erudite the knowledgeable, Abnegation the selfless and Dauntless the brave. On turning sixteen aptitude tests are administered to individuals indicating which faction best suits their personality. This leaves them with a life-changing choice – to stay with the faction they were born into, or to choose another and leave their family behind.
Born into Abnegation a faction that frowns upon focusing on outward appearance, personal gain and selfishness, headstrong Tris has never quite fit in. So when her test instructor informs her she is Divergent, a dangerous individual that does not fit into one category, she is unsure where to turn. With a flash of courage she chooses Dauntless, the thrill seeking that jump onto moving trains and shames cowardice of any kind. Will she have what it takes? And how long can a personality based world function?

Whoa, what a whirlwind of a book! This is a stunning debut by Veronica Roth. Initially it took me a while to settle into Divergent because throughout the first few chapters I kept rolling my eyes. As I said I was prejudiced about this book before starting it and the opening seemed to confirm all my fears. The novel began with the protagonist describing her reflection, one of the biggest writing cliché’s going. The world setup seemed clunky and obvious and I didn’t like Tris’s clinical narrative voice. Once I hit page fifty however, no one could have pried this book from my vice like grip! Not even with the help of some chocolate and a handsome movie star. Well, maybe the movie star…
Similar to Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth’s writing style is simplistic but powerful. She can manipulate the English language to its full potential so that even though her writing is simple, it has remarkable precision. Roth knows where to kick you in the gut to make it hurt the most, she knows how to make you so wretched with emotion that you can’t think straight for days. And not only has she got the emotional fluffy bunny feelings down, but she writes brilliant, heart pounding action scenes that will have you gripping the book far harder than needed and flicking the pages a little too roughly in a crazed haze to discover what will happen next.

Now, I do have one massive gripe with this novel, the world building. I realise with fiction we have to suspend our belief to a certain extent, but the society created in Divergent doesn’t even SLIGHTLY make sense to me. Is it even dystopia? Dystopia is supposed to be the equivalent to hell on earth full of repression and poverty, if anything this novel appears more like a utopia until a bad guy turns up with ideas of grandiosity. It’s a pretty thin line. So Roth has created a world split into personality types, that’s cool, except she can’t logically justify how it came about in a way that makes sense to me. Supposedly it was the governments way of preventing war. Was this government made up of four years olds??? How the hell did they think that would ever solve the world’s issues? Any scientist, or anyone with a brain for that matter would realise it is impossible to only have one defining personality trait, you can’t be one thing. And that brings up another issue, how is everyone in this world NOT Divergent? Many characters in the novel show multiple personality traits which means in theory they should all be Divergent, but they’re not. Also, so many sixteen years olds decide to transfer which again I find unrealistic. With the interplay between genetics and environmental factors hardly anyone should transfer but hey ho. Who knows, maybe some of these kinks will be ironed out and explained in the subsequent books. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get past my angsty feelings, but the rest of the novel was so excellent that for once I proceeded to not care! Although the world formation was sketchy, the setup actually allowed for some interesting analysis about what makes us human.

The plotting in this book is spectacular, mostly because the pacing is insane. There are no pauses for breath, just pure unadulterated action from beginning to end. Because Tris picks Dauntless there is always another trial, test, or drama to overcome. Every day is a battle of bravery and survival both physically and mentally. It was fascinating to read and forced me to wonder how I would react if I was in the same situation. Plus, I am so fangirling over the fact that the Dauntless jump on and off moving trains!! Sure it didn’t have a bearing on the plot but it’s just so freakin’ awesome! 😀 I also liked that there was a sprinkling of romance but that it remained firmly as subplot rather than overpowering. I started reading this book in the exam and deadline crazy end of the semester so I kept telling myself I would only read one chapter because I needed to be up early and alert. Of course, that never happened and I would end up reading for hours until my eyes were numb and my head fell into the book! Then I would have a severe case of guilt the next day when my psychology notes swam dizzyingly in front of my eyes.

It took me a while to warm to the main protagonist, Tris. I found her voice annoying initially because she seemed so oddly factual and stiff (ha, pardon the pun Roth fans). As the novel continued though I began to like her. Her transition from the faction Abnegation to Dauntless meant I was able to witness Tris go through a huge transformation. She is constantly trying to work out who she is, where she fits and how to best serve her society in a confusing world. I loved watching her internal struggle between being selfless and brave, as well as her realisation that the two may not be all that different. Tris is not necessarily a likable character, she can be pragmatic, reckless and stubborn but there is a certain integrity and conviction about her I admired. I think what makes Tris such an intriguing character is that she makes one drastic decision within the space of a few seconds and it will define the rest of her life. We all have a slight reckless, adrenaline seeking part of us hidden away somewhere and Tris’s story gives us a glimpse into what it would be like if we acted on it, lived by it and made it our most emphasised personality trait.
Four was also well written; he’s dangerous, intimidating and a bit rough around the edges. I liked that Roth didn’t throw all her cards down at once with his character. She makes the reader work for it, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs hinting at his back story. Granted I spotted the big reveal about his past within the first scene he was introduced, but I’m guessing by my friends bemused face at the time that it is not a normal occurrence, lol! Luckily there were a few other surprises thrown in to keep me amused.
Christina, Will, Al, and Uriah also make good supporting characters. While we do not learn much about them they helped keep the mood light and added in a few funnies.

Divergent is a fast paced, emotional and roaring read. Though it may be a little predictable at times and had strong parallel’s with The Hunger Games (How could it not?) it is well worth investigating if you are a fan of YA, dystopian or action books. I do not normally overlook flaws when giving out five-star ratings but Divergent was so exceptional I couldn’t resist! 🙂 While there is substantial violence it is not graphic, so I would recommend Divergent to anyone 12+.

Have you read Divergent? Did you think it lived up to the hype?

(To read my review of the next book in the Divergent series, Insurgent, click here.)


‘His absence will haunt their hallways, and he will be a space they can’t fill. And then time will pass, and the hole will be gone, like when an organ is removed and the body’s fluids flow into the space it leaves. Humans can’t tolerate emptiness for long.’ – Pg45

Human reason can excuse any evil; that is why it’s so important that we don’t rely on it. My fathers words.’ – Pg102

‘I’m not sure who I should rely on more, because I’m not sure who my true friends are. Uriah and Marlene, who were on my side even when I seemed strong, or Christina and Will, who have always protected me when I seem weak?’ – Pg294

‘I believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.’ – Pg207

Writing Style: 4/5
Originality: 4/5
Entertainment: 5/5
Character Development: 5/5
Would I recommend this book? Yeeeeeeeessssssssssssss. 🙂

Overall Impression: 5/5

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Book Cover: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13335038-divergent

69 thoughts on “Divergent by Veronica Roth Review 5/5

  1. Ah man, I’m so glad you liked this one. I still need to catch up on this series, but I’m behind on so many others (and so short of money) that I can’t justify doing it yet. But this book really surprised me, it was a lot better than I thought it would be. I will say that I still think she should have waited a few more years and revised it- I think you can tell it’s her first novel.

    But one thing I did like about her setup was that it’s implied that this society hasn’t been around very long- I think there’s some mention about how it was set up something like a generation or two before, and so I loved that it was already falling apart. And it’s interesting that you mentioned the utopian aspect- Roth went to my university, so I got to see her talk before the series took off and she said that a) she got really lucky because of THG, which made me like her a lot and b) that when she started writing, she did it as an exercise in what she thought her ideal world would be, and it wasn’t until she was well into the story that she realized her world was anything but ideal.

    • Me too Maggie, I didn’t have high hopes but I’m glad they were disproved! I’m reading the second book now. After the ending of the first I had to know what happened next. It will probably be a while before I pick up the third though as I might wait for the paperback if I can be restrained enough. Ahh I completely understand, thus is the life of a student and bookworm. 🙂 I agree that it may be rough around the edges in places, but I got so drawn into the story that it didn’t matter for me!

      It was? I didn’t particularly get that while reading, I don’t normally miss details like that. Maybe in my crazed haze to find out what was going to happen it passed me by! That would make more sense I guess. Ohh wow really? That would definitely explain the world setup more. I have noticed in Insurgent that the book has more of a dystopian aspect, although I’m still not totally convinced by it. I’m super jealous that you got to see Veronica Roth do a talk! If I had a bucket list going to an author talk would be on it, but I never seem to hear of them in the UK. Maybe I’m not in ‘the know’.

    • No problem Bec, it was my pleasure! I had a lot of fun reviewing this, although I had so many thought that it was hard to compress them. I hope you enjoy Divergent as much as I did. 😀

  2. I loved it. Tris and Four’s story, particularly, connected with me for some reason. And I cried through the entire end of Allegiant. Just wait until you get to it 😀

    • Glad you connected to Tris and Four’s story so much. They were a feisty pair. 🙂 Ohh no! I’m a total blubber when it comes to books so no doubt I will do the same! I will make sure I have my tissues ready.

      • Definitely keep the tissues handy! My best friend came to my room when I was right at the end and couldn’t understand why I sobbing uncontrollably about a book!

      • Ahahaaaa! Sometimes I wonder what kinds of hideous faces I must pull when I’m reading, let alone when I’m crying at a book, LOL. Is your friend a bookworm too?

  3. I knew you would like it!! Keep reading and all your questions and concerns will be answered with many jaw dropping and mind blowing moments along the way. It’s an awesome ride :). By the way, I’m well into #7 in the Wicca series, and I am truly addicted once again!

    • You know me so well. 🙂 Your recommendation was a big part of the reason I finally decided to give in and read Divergent! I hope they will be, I’m nearly finished with Insurgent now and there have definitely been some jaw dropping moments!
      Ooooh yay, I’m so happy to hear that. 😀 Damn, now you’re making me want to reread them!

      • Tee Hee – if we keep being tempted to re-read Wicca and Harry, we will never get through our TBR list :).

        I can’t wait for you to read Allegiant!! I’m not sure which of the three I would consider my favourite, but Allegiant was an incredibly thought provoking book for me, and I love books that make me think and consider different possibilities.

      • Eugh I know, it’s like an inch you can never quite scratch!

        I don’t suppose you have any idea when the paperback version of Allegiant will come out? I don’t really want to buy the hardcover because the rest I have are in paperback (one of my annoying bookish quirks) but at the same time that might mean I have to wait a while to find out what happens, and I am one impatient bookworm! Oooh I love that you say it made you think, those are the best kind of tales I think and I hope I will feel the same way. 🙂

      • Ah, I knew you would understand. 🙂
        Darnn, I tried to research it but couldn’t find anything. Then again I don’t think I gave it my full attention! Thanks anyway.
        Lol I know what you mean, why do I get the feeling that Insurgent is going to finish on a cliff hanger?
        Hehee, I will be sure to let you know!

  4. Haha! I loved reading your snarky comments in this one. I think that made the review a little more fun to read (though all your reviews are fun to read). I found it interesting that you made strong parallels to The Hunger Games because this book is always found on tables with that sign “If you liked The Hunger Games…” Everyone recommends this for those who enjoy alternate versions of Earth. I won’t use the word “dystopia” because you’re right. This society doesn’t sound like a dystopia, but more of just an alternate reality.

    I’m glad you liked it. That makes me hopeful for when my brother hands it over later on this year. Also, thanks for the heads-up about the first 50 pages. I’ll make sure to tell myself to push through.

    • Hehee thanks. When I read it back I often feel mean, but my gosh do I enjoy writing sarcy at the time!! I’m glad it made the review more fun, I know I enjoy reading someone ranting. 😛
      Yeah, I told myself before writing the review that I would try not to compare Divergent to The Hunger Games too much as I know it must be annoying for the authors to constantly be compared to other writers, rather than being judged in their own right. In the end it was inevitable though, there are SO many parallel’s even with their writing style soI felt it was important to mention in some parts. I still feel The Hunger Games is far superior to Divergent, but both stories are brilliant. 😀 Those lists were spot on, if you like one I’m sure you would like the other.

      I hope you like it as much as I did! Yepp, just push though the first few chapter and then you will completely slept away. 🙂

    • Ah Tony, you know me so well. 🙂 I sure don’t let go of my five stars lightly, but this book is deserving of the title! It was the fastest paced novel I’ve read in a long time. Glad you agree with my general thoughts, have you read Insurgent yet?

      • Unfortunately I think she was right. I only have 50 or so pages of Insurgent left and it has been a bit of a letdown after Divergent. There is so much teen angst, but the bad kind! Rrrr.

  5. Bah, I was hoping you were going to hate this one.

    Sounds like a right riveting read, though.

    Mind you, the use of daft names annoys me in these YA books. There should be a law passed so that only simple names like Bob, Frank, and Geoff can be used.

    • Awwh, how come Michael?

      It sure is, anyone who gets easily bored while reading should probably give this one a go.

      Eugh, I know exactly what you mean! That has been bugging me lately too. I think authors try so hard to be original and cool and it totally backfires. Down with the weird names!

  6. Did a bit of digging: Divergent with much better US cover! >>ebay (dot) co (dot) uk/itm/Divergent-Roth-Veronica-/141153815410?pt=Children_s_Young_Adult_s_Fiction&hash=item20dd6c4b72>>

    • Awh I’m touched, thanks for investigating for me! My friend has actually offered to swap her editions with me. She has the US cover for Divergent and the UK adult version of Insurgent. She says she doesn’t mind the UK ones. What did I do to be surrounded by so many nice people? 🙂

  7. Can I say I told you so? Lol! As far as the world building, it does get a lot more fleshed out as the series continues. Once you get to the last book the pieces really start to come together and you can look back and see all the clues she left behind.

    • You sure can! I think your assurance that Divergent did not contain a love triangle helped me push it up my tbr list. I’m reading Insurgent right now and the fence mystery is driving me CRAZY. I keep expecting a Truman Show moment, lol. I’m intrigued where Roth is going to take the story next. I love not being able to work out a mystery in a book, it happens so rarely these days!

      Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  8. I really enjoyed this one as well, though for some reason haven’t picked up the other two yet. The whole idea behind how society is divided was a bit of a stretch for me…but that was only once you finish and discuss, the read was heart pumping good fun! Glad you enjoyed. 🙂

    • I noticed that you rated it three stars on Goodreads so I can understand why you may not have picked up the next book yet even if you enjoyed it. When I rate books at a three I tend to always find other sequels I want to read more! I agreed with a lot of what you said, but somehow I got SO into this book despite my issues with it. 🙂
      Thanks Elisa!

      • yea, that was early on in my rating days. I rated it on my thoughts after as opposed to my enjoyment during. Ah well. I remember totally enjoying the book and then getting in a snit about something or other. Whatevs! I had a hell of a good time reading it and it just took me forever to get the other books (part of the issue I have reading a trilogy as they are released, I lose my way.) I would probably rate it higher if I read it for the first time today. Funny how that happens…

      • Ahh right I see. 🙂 I know what you mean, it’s so odd how your ratings can change over time! Haha it happens to the best of us, I’m glad you enjoyed Divergent.
        You won’t get any lectures from me, I take FOREVER to get though a series because I get distracted so easily for various different reasons. That’s why I’ve made it a priority for this year to try and finish them off.
        Hope you enjoy Insurgent just as much. 🙂

  9. I haven’t read this book yet, so I’m only skimming your review, but you say this is a roaring read, and that’s good enough for me to pick this up next time I’m in town.
    And about the cover, usually the UK gets the good covers and the US, the less than stellar ones.

    • No worries Emma I totally understand, I do that often too. 🙂 It sure is a roaring read…I’d never actually used that word in a sentence before but it seemed so appropriate for Divergent. I would love to see what you think. 🙂

      Yeah I agree, most of the time I prefer the UK covers, but I have noticed a few cases lately where I actually prefer the US one. Weird!

  10. *Sigh* I know this is going to be yet another book series that I obsess and fangirl over. AND they’re making films?! I sense that I will be a pathetically lost cause.

    Like you, I’ve put this off because I’m a massive Hunger Games fan. But, when I think about it, I resisted reading The Hunger Games because I didn’t believe that any YA/fantasy etc literature would live up to Harry Potter.

    I’m going to end up buying this, aren’t I? Scrap that. I WILL buy it. Based on your review I suspect I will enjoy it too. *Shakes fist at heavens*

    • Give up trying to resist Charl. It won’t work. Read the goddamn books and love them along with the rest of us. Stop trying to beat the system because IT WON’T WORK. 😉

    • Quite possibly! I guess it will depend on how good the rest of the book are as to how high this series reaches in fangirl status. I KNOW. Every book is getting turned into a film these days, I can’t keep up! It’s stressing me out. So many brilliant books to read before the film releases, LOL. I give up eventually because I’m such a slow reader. 😛

      Ah, I totally understand. If it weren’t for the upcoming movie I think it would have taken me a long time to get round to this book. Nothing ever reaches Harry Potter status, but there is a lot of YA that comes close. 🙂

      Yes, yes you are. Give in and EMBRACE IT. God, I’m a bad influence…

      • I know, I feel like I’m under some kind of weird pressure to read them all before the films come out. Then, I can watch the film and nod my head sagely and engage in some good old fangirl debate 😉

        Yes you are a bad influence but I love it. They are very high on my ‘to buy’ list.

      • I know exactly what you mean. I won City of Bones in the readathon I participated in and felt the pressure to read it before the film. In the end I ran out of time and you know what? The world didn’t stop. S’all good. I don’t even know why I stressed about it now! I still haven’t seen the film and won’t until I read the book. 😛
        Ahh, I love tutting at all the things they leave out!

        Hehee, good good. 🙂

  11. YES YES YES. I knew you’d end up loving this one! I must say following your Twitter updates when reading this book was hilarious. Ha!
    I had the same gripes as you with the whole society/world building thing. I mean 5 factions and you can only fall into one of those 5 personality traits? Give me a break! But hey ho.
    I’m really looking forward to the film. I’ll be interested to see what they do with it. And it’s got freaking Kate Winslet playing Jeanine! I mean KATE WINSLET. I love her so much. I hope she’ll be as bad ass I want her to be!

    • NO NO NO. LOL, sorry that’s my contrary side coming out. 😛 Aha really? I’m glad someone was reading them! I can’t even remember what I put but I’m glad it caused a chuckle or two. I’ve been updating my progress on Insurgent probably more than I have with any other book. SOOO MANNYYY FEEEEELINNGGGSS.

      Ah, glad to hear I was not alone. I mean I get to an extent they are supposed to be ideals rather than a full possibility but I think Roth could have handled or explained it better so that it made more sense, because the way it came across I did not find probable or logical. But the rest of the book was so good so I guess we’ll forgive her. 🙂

      Me too. I hope I will get the opportunity to see it in the cinema, but with student life you never know. Ohh my gosh I know! I was so surprised to see Winslet was going to be in it. Hopefully she will be able to amp up Jeanine’s character a bit. I reread your review of Divergent the other day and in retrospect I agree with your comment that she is not exactly a menacing villain.

      • GOD BECKY STOP BEING DIFFICULT. Ha. Joking. I preferred Divergent to Insurgent if I’m honest… And weirdly I have no huge desires to read Allegiant. :/

        I will force myself to go to the cinema and see it. Even if I have to go by myself because I missed out with Catching Fire and now I have to wait for the freaking DVD. Boo. But either way there is man candy in the form of Theo James. Yay!

        Oooooh yay! You reread my review? Well that’s exciting and I’m glad you agree! I don’t know, maybe I was comparing her to President Snow or Voldemort too much… but she really isn’t as threatening as she has the potential to be. It’s a shame.

      • LOL.
        Yeah I have to agree with you once again. I just finished Insurgent, quite a big letdown after Divergent *sigh*. I still want to read Allegiant though. I can’t believe she went from this roaring read to a load on nonsense melodrama!

        Ohh no you never got to see Catching Fire? You poor thing! That must be so annoying. I must admit I am quite concerned about the film version of Divergent, it doesn’t look at all how I pictured it in my head but then again most films never do.

        I did indeed, I wanted to see if we had similar thoughts after writing my own. 🙂 Haha Voldemort for sure. I never found President Snow that menacing either but I hated him for blackmailing Katniss etc.

  12. I loved this book. I was thinking that I wouldn’t really, but I literally could not put it down. 😀 I’m glad that you liked it.

    • Psharma, good to have you back on the ol’ Press! Long time no speak. 🙂 I’m glad that you liked the book too and I totally agree that the book was impossible to put down. Roth certainly knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat!

  13. I’ve had this book for about six months (yes, with the American cover art). I picked it up for about twenty pages, and I liked it, but I wasn’t sure about the style or the structure of the society. As you said, it was hard concept to believe. I did and do plan on finishing the book, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. It seems like I should soon.

    About dystopias, I would say that many of them look like utopias originally. That’s how those societies survive for so long, because someone either benefits from them, or is unaware of a better way of life. You have to figure that the people in the Capital in the Hunger Games enjoy their lives, because they’re not the ones who suffer.

    • Dang you and your American cover art!
      I struggled though the first 40 pages so I can understand why you didn’t get into it after 20. I did find the writing style jarring at first which in part was probably because she was trying to set up the society and I wasn’t buying what she was selling, lol. I would be interested to hear what you think when you complete the whole thing. 🙂

      I know that they can start off as utopia’s but I was objecting more to the fact that they labelled and sold this book on the fact that it was dystopia. I don’t like when things are misrepresented, I’m sure it will turn more dystopia in the second book but it just kind of bugged me.

  14. Yaaaaaaaaaay! *does a little happy dance* I’m so glad you liked Divergent 🙂 Right *clears throat* Now my initial outburst is out of the way…

    I’ve gotta say when I read Divergent I didn’t think it was anything like The Hunger Games, that never really entered my mind, not like when I read Matched! But hey ho 🙂
    I know what you mean about the pacing and the plot! It’s so action-packed, I found myself racing through it too. Then I borrowed it to a friend after she got curious hearing me talk about it, and she read it in one night!
    I really liked Tris, I felt like in the beginning her voice was stiff (there’s that pun again :P) because she knew she didn’t really fit, then when she transfers to dauntless you see her come out of her shell and become more comfortable. It’s true, she is reckless and stubborn but that seems to be a trait most female YA leads have nowadays 🙂 hehe. I loved Four too, he has that wild, bad boy streak but he can also be really lovely and caring. And he has a bit of meat to his back-story that you can really get into, so I thought he was a great character.
    Have you seen any of the movie trailers or anything?

    Great review Becky! I hope you enjoy Insugent just as much 🙂

    • Heheee, I did! It was touch and go for a while but then I got SO into it.

      Really you didn’t? I found lots and not as much in Matched – although I actually read Matched before The Hunger Games (it was my first dystopian book) so maybe that’s why. 🙂
      I think Divergent is one of those novels it’s impossible to read slowly. I read it so quickly and even so my friend was frantically telling me to read it quicker so she could talk to me about it!
      Hahaa when I wrote it I didn’t intend for it to be a pun and then I realised! There’s definitely a trend of more stubborn YA characters at the moment, it’s like after Twilight everyone has gone as far the other way as they can, which is fine as long as they don’t take it over the top. It’s okay to have characters that are kickass in different ways too, not everyone can be a super hero. 😛 That’s one of the reasons I liked Tris because while she is reckless it fits with the storyline rather than being for the sake of it.
      Yepp, the trailer was in the ads when I went to watch Catching Fire at the cinema and the first thing I did after finishing the book was to stalk all the Divergent footage clips on Youtube, I couldn’t resist!

      Thank you Sophie. 😀

      • Ahh maybe, yeah even when I read the blurb and bought it I didn’t pick up on it. I read Matched after both The Hunger Games and Divergent so maybe that has something to do with it, I just thought Matched was a lot more similar in terms of the plot.
        Yeah I’d agree with you there, the pacing of the book is so quick and action-packed that it’s not one you can put down and never go back to. Yeah, aside from some series’ I have to finish, I’m moving away from YA paranormal romances and fantasy nowadays. I know what you mean, I hate it when something in a book doesn’t ring true and it just seems like it’s been thrown in there just because.

        Haha cool, I was initially quite apprehensive to watch it because I love the book so much, but it actually looks like they’ve done a pretty good job on it so I’m excited to go and see it!

        No worries 🙂

      • Mmm, I think I need to take a step back from the YA/fantasy/dystopian/supernatural area too, I read so much of it! I’m sure if I gave it a little break I would appreciate it even more! I do tend to read YA mostly these days and my reading used to be more varied but I find when I’m at uni YA is the easiest the read when there is so much else going on. 🙂

        I hope you’re right and the film does Divergent justice!

    • Oooh awesome I will be interested to see what you think of it. I was quite worried I wouldn’t get on with Divergent at the start but it soon ampted up, stick with it!

      Thank you. 🙂

  15. You’re so right, the US covers are so different and seem to convey a much more dystopian, intense feeling! I was actually visiting the UK for the first time last month and went into this lovely bookstore in Oxford (and headed straight for the YA section of course) and was so mesmerized by how different so many of the covers are for the series I love…so interesting to see how books are marketed in different countries!

    • Hi Christina, thanks for stopping by the blog! I’m glad you agree with my cover woes and you’re right, the lighter hues of the UK covers makes the story look more lighthearted and romance centred rather than focusing on the dystopian aspect.
      Ohh wow, I hope you had a great time and that the weather wasn’t too awful to you. 😀 There’s a lot of great things to see here if you know where to look! Yeah, it can be surprising sometimes just how different they are. I didn’t become fully aware of it until a year or two ago when I started blogging. I would see someone write a review of a book and fall in love with its cover, only to discover I couldn’t get it in the UK! Book blogging woes eh?
      I do find it interesting that they choose to create different covers, and whether they feel different ones will appeal to readers in different countries or if it’s because they know people like to try and collect different covers. Possibly a bit of both. 🙂

  16. I’m glad you enjoyed this! I just recently reread Divergent for the first time, and I think I liked it more than I did reading it the first. You point out very interesting facts that I hadn’t even thought of! Great review! Will you be seeing the movie?

    • Thanks! Oooh I’m glad that Divergent held up after a reread, I always worry that a story won’t be as good the second time but of course, the sign of a truly brilliant novel is that you can read it over and over again. 🙂 Oooh yay, I’m glad you think so! I’m always super excited if I manage to get someone thinking or considering something they hadn’t before. I will definitely be seeing the movie, I can’t wait. 😀

  17. … REALLY? THIS gets a 5 but TFIOS gets a 3???? We have such different book opinions…
    I read Divergent in about 2 hours which is both a good thing (bc obviously I couldn’t put it down) and a bad thing (it wasn’t a challenging read). Like you’ve said, the writing style is v similar to Hunger Games and is super simplistic (not dumb, but you know what I mean). It’s like… even though the story is different, I feel like all the books in this alternative universe genre read the SAME.
    Have you read Vampire Academy yet? That’s got a similar writing style to this. And hunger games. AND EVERY OTHER BOOK THAT’S BEING MADE INTO MOVIES.
    … Which is probably why you didn’t like TFIOS. It’s ALL clicking into place, now.
    Following on with this theory… Lotr reads to me in a SIMILAR style (though with much different content) as got does… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..

    • Yes this gets a 5, Divergent rules TFIOS drools, sorry. We have very different book opinions….and film opinions… our music taste is probably the only thing even vaguely in line with each other. 😛

      My rating of Divergent is mainly due to the entertainment factor which has the biggest impact on my opinion 8 times out of 10. This one was especially well timed as I was battling exam stress. It wasn’t a challenging read in terms of writing complexity, but it made me think ten times more than TFIOS and brought up some interesting issues that resonated with me. For me personally, TFIOS wasn’t even a slightly challenging read writing or idea wise. It was straight forward and signposted exactly what I was supposed to feel and when, very little of it made me think and parts of it I simply did not like.

      As for the ‘same’ comment I understand what you mean, especially in regards to Divergent vs HG but I haven’t read enough dystopia to have an opinion on the genre as a whole. Not all YA reads the same though. I haven’t read The Vampire Academy yet, I’ve owned the whole series for a few years but haven’t felt like picking it up yet!

      The idea that I didn’t like TFIOS because I only like books that are the same or have simple writing is just plain silly, so I’m not even going to bother answering that. Perhaps you should read the review again because I mentioned exactly what my problems were, and that wasn’t one of them. Although I will say that I nearly always prefer books with fantasy elements as opposed to contemporary.

      Also, I don’t think GoT is remotely similar to LOTR writing or story wise, except for the fact that nearly every writer has taken SOME inspiration from Tolkien, but each to their own. You’re entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine. :L
      If it makes you feel any better, I gave the second book Insurgent a 3, just like TFIOS!

  18. I see what you mean about the MASSIVE problems with the world building. I agree that Roth does draw on the elements that make us human and she also touches on the dynamics of our social relationships. Your review made me recall that moment when Four told Tris she has to play weak to maintain her friendships. She had to hide her fearlessness. As much as I was upset with that part (because Tris wasn’t being truthful to her friends and her friends were being selfish), I grudgingly agreed with it. They are competitors after all. But I don’t like how their egos muddy the friendship.

    • Hahaaaaa, I see what you did there. 😉 Nice one, Zezee!
      I did love the way Roth made me question some of the things that make us human. I also liked that she brought up some not so awesome facts about humanity without making it preachy. It was more of her planting the train of thought in the readers head rather than turning it into a speech!
      Oooh, yes I vaguely remember that I think. I get where you’re coming from, I didn’t like it either but I think it was quite realistic. People can feel threatened when you’re better than them, even if you consider them friends. Sad but true. *Sigh.*

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