6 Books on My Autumn TBR // Mythical Creatures, Supernaturals & Magical Kingdoms

6 Books on my Autumn TBRThe wind is howling, leaves are turning that gorgeous shade of orange as they float down to the frosted ground, and your coat and tartan scarf have been taken out of the wardrobe and dusted off. We all know what this means, it’s autumn.

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I had so much fun collating my top 7 Books on my summer TBR pile a couple of months ago and I was surprised by how well my reading went. I have always been a mood reader and I was unsure how I would get on with a list, (in fact, I thought I’d end up going totally off-script and not read anything I expected to) but I READ ALL THE THINGS GUYS, AND IT WAS SO SATISFYING. I really enjoyed changing up how I picked my reads, so I thought I would give it a go for Autumn too! As noted previously, my reading tastes definitely change with the seasons, so you’ll find a lot of fantasy novels on this list! 

So without further ado, here are 6 books I’d like to get to this Autumn (AKA, the books I’m getting crazy grabby hands for!) 

foliage 17

1.) Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas (conclusion to the Throne of Glass series)

Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas

I think half the book community is impatiently waiting for Kingdom of Ash to be released on the 23rd October. If this was pre the internet, I could imagine the bookworms scrabbling, clawing and biting their way to the front of the queue for its release. I mean, how could we not be after THAT CLIFFHANGER in Empire of Storms.  NOBODY PUTS AELIN IN THE CORNER.  THERE’S GONNA BE HELL TO PAY. HELL.

I admit I was a disbeliever when I picked up high fantasy YA series Throne of Glass and disliked book 1 with its whiny love triangle and overdone plot cliche’s, but this series has just gotten better and better. At it’s most basic, its full of sass, super smutty scenes and lots of shipping, and at it’s more complex, its worldbuilding just keeps expanding, the plot points surprise me, and there are just so many amazing badass female characters (both physically, emotionally and mentally). I’m not going to say I love everything about this series, it has its flaws – over-possessive Fae men who for some reason like to ‘nip’ their partners (I mean seriously, wtf), but for the most part, it’s just so damn fun, I can’t wait to see what Maas does with the conclusion. I think it’s going to be epic.

2.) Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong (Book 10 Women of the Otherworld series)

Frostbitten by Kelley Armstrong

I’ve been making my way through this series for quite a while now and it is SO MUCH FUN. It’s urban fantasy and every book follows a strong female lead (in every sense of the word), most of which have some kind of epic paranormal power – there’s werewolves, witches and warlocks, necromancers, demons, you name it! You can rely on each book being fun and well written, and although each story is quite formulaic (there’s a supernatural mystery to investigate, a steamy romance somewhere in the middle and an epic showdown at the end) each character’s power and personality keeps it interesting. This series gives me serious Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dark Angel vibes.

3.) Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa

Shadow of the Fox by Julie Kagawa

I’ve been advised an ARC of this is going to be making its way through my letterbox soon so I am SUPER EXCITED. I’ve not actually read one of Kagawa’s books before (although I do have Talon on my shelf *looks away embarrassed*) but this novel sounds kind of epic. The blurb is full of words like DRAGONS, and SCROLLS and MISCHIEF. So really, where could I go wrong? The protagonist is also half human and half kitsune and I love books with folklore and legend so this should be good!
Also, hands up who loves foxes? I think they’re so majestic and gorgeous (even when scrounging through rubbish, ha) and they’re one of the main symbols of autumn for me with their beautiful coloured fur.

4.) A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

This one is a backlist book for me. I have a beautiful hardback copy which I’ve owned since the book’s release. It’s recently been turned into a TV series that I’ve started recording, so it’s about time I got around to reading it! It’s about a scholar who gets caught up in the world of magic and paranormal beings after discovering a mysterious manuscript. Best of all, she discovers it in the Bodleian library in Oxford, which due to my recent trip, I now know all about! I love stories that follow scholars or academics within a fantasy setting because they’re often rich with detail and history, so I can’t wait to dive into this one.

5.) Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik

Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik

I haven’t bought this book yet BUT I NEED TO. I read (and adored) Novik’s Rapunzel retelling Uprooted last year and gave it 5 shining stars. She awed me with her creativity and imagination when bringing to life an evil wood, a peasant girl and an evil man in a tower into such a sweeping and emotive read. Spinning Silver, published only a couple of months ago, is a Rumplestiltskin style retelling and I cannot WAIT to see what the author does with it, and I’ve only seen positive reviews so far!

6.) Before the Devil Breaks You by Libba Bray (Book 3, Diviners series) 

Before the Devil Breaks You by Libba Bray

The Diviners is one of my all-time favourite series and I will shout about it to anyone who will listen. Set in 1920s America during the era of prohibition, Evie O’Neill is a Diviner, one of many with supernatural abilities hiding in New York City. In book 1 we had seers, in book 2 we had dreamwalking, what will book 3 bring? I can’t wait to find out! I bought this novel as soon as it came out, but then because I knew I would enjoy it SO much (the writing is dripping jewels of awesome), I decided to hold off because then I would have NO MORE DIVINERS UNTIL THE NEXT BOOK RELEASE. But alas, I cannot wait a minute longer and I need to immerse myself back into this world!
foliage 17

Lets chat

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Autumn TBR. Are there any particular books you’re planning to read this Autumn? Are any of them the same as mine?
Are there any particular books that make you feel super Autumnal – whether a particular book or genre?  Let me know in the comments! 🙂

foliage 17

28 thoughts on “6 Books on My Autumn TBR // Mythical Creatures, Supernaturals & Magical Kingdoms

  1. I cannot wait for Kingdom of Ash! I’m currently reading Tower of Dawn, and to be honest I’m struggling a little bit simply because I’m not really a fan of Chaol or Nesyrn, but I’m hoping it picks up. I LOVE the Diviner’s series. I read the first one way back in 2012 and then forgot about the 2nd and 3rd ones (oops). I think they are going to be my winter reads for sure!

    • Ah, seems we have similar tastes! I felt EXACTLY the same about picking up Tower of Dawn. I’m totally anti-Chaol (and wasn’t really bothered by Nesyrn) so picking up such a loooong book about him definitely did not appeal! Yet…. I still ended up loving it DESPITE grumpy Chaol. I was able to get behind the slow burn romance, and really loved the new female character (despite her bad taste in men, LOL). Plus, I loved the library cats. 🙂

      Ohhh, you have to read the next books in The Diviners series – promise me!! Book 2 is JUST AS GOOD.

      Do you have a blog Kacey? When I click your link it goes through to a page saying ‘does not exist’.

      • Well that gives me hope then for Tower of Dawn! I’m about 200 pages in and put it down to start reading something else, but maybe this weekend I’ll just suck it up and finish it! I do love the library cats.

        Oh weird! I do have a blog it’s https://bibliotales.wordpress.com.
        I’ll see if there’s a broken link somewhere. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

      • I hope you enjoy it more as it goes along! It does also add to the overall worldbuilding along the way, so hopefully, at the very least, those bits should make it worth reading. 🙂

        No problem! People should be able to read your blog which, having just taken a peak, looks great!

  2. For some reason, autumn makes me think of Harry Potter. Probably because of that scene in Prisoner of Azkaban where the seasons transition as Hedwig flies through them.

    I like the cover of Frostbitten. Minimalist!

    • Ah, that’s interesting. I’m not sure whether I specifically link Harry Potter to Autumn… but I DO associate it with the colder months. I think it’s because there are quite a few scenes based around Halloween and Christmas, and I always think of those knitted jumpers from Mrs Weasley!

      I love the cover of Frostbitten too. All the covers are really minimalist and I absolutely love them!

  3. I just preordered Kingdom of Ash yesterday and can’t wait for it to arrive!! That is a series I can totally lose myself in and forget about the world :). I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO READ A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES!!!!! Tell your family and your boyfriend that they might not see or hear from you for a couple of days LOL. Now that I’ve said that, I hope you do enjoy it as much as I did :).

    • I’m glad you think so! There’s something so satisfying about ticking off a backlist book!

      That’s actually a really good point I hadn’t considered! I think I also tend to gravitate towards longer books in the colder seasons because I’m inside longer to devour them, whereas summer is better for shorter books you can pick up and put down easily because you’re more on the go. 😀 I’m currently reading Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens which certainly fits in with this theory!

  4. Hi! The cover of An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson has always struck me as one the most autumnal of all, even though I didn’t absolutely adore the book. The cover is GOALS.

    I remember reading Throne of Glass and not being very impressed. That was a few years ago and the fandom has grown SO much since then. I’ve been considering continuing once the last book is out and giving it a chance. If anything, it sounds really entertaining so hopefully I’ll do it!

    And you’re so lucky you’re getting Shadow of the Fox! Julie Kagawa is an amazing author. You should definitely check out her Iron Fey series. I think it’s her best work and remember that story so fondly.

    • Oooh, that’s a really good one! I ADORE that cover and like you say its so autumnal with all the browns.

      Throne of Glass is always one of those series that I will recommend to people but also preface it with a lot of warnings such as ‘don’t read if..’ and ‘it’s good but..’ it’s an amazingly addictive series but it does have its flaws. I would say give Crown of Midnight book 2 a go, and if you don’t enjoy it more than the first one I wouldn’t bother continuing. Book 2 is where most people feel the story picks up!

      Thank you, you’ve made me even more excited about reading it. 😀 I’ll have to look up the Iron Fey.

      Thanks for reading! 😀

      • I’ll do that then! I have heard that too, that ToG is kinda meh, but from the second book on, they were hooked. I know it’s a problematic series so maybe going in with the warning will help. Thanks for convincing me! I’d still been a little on the fence about it XD

  5. The Kelley Armstrong series sounds intriguing! Honestly I can’t keep track of everything she’s written since I feel like her catalog is so vast! I’ve really enjoyed some of the stand alone, less publicized novels of hers that I’ve written, so I may add the series you mentioned to be TBR too!

    • It’s great fun, Cristina! I would recommend it. I haven’t actually branched out into any of her thriller style books yet, (thus I’m always interested when you review them) but this series definitely does incorporate aspects of thriller and mystery. As you say, she’s rather prolific and just when I feel I’m catching up she releases another book! 😀

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