The Rory Gilmore Book Challenge

rory gilmore book challenge

Hello all 🙂
The New Year is a great time to take part in new book challenges, So in preperation I’ve already signed up for the Eclectic Reader Challenge 2012, and I have now decided to participate in another which I discovered through The Reading Life of a Bookworm’s blog. This challenge is The Rory Gilmore Challenge!
Who is Rory Gilmore you ask?

For those of you who don’t know (shame on you!) Rory Gilmore is a character from the TV programme Gilmore Girls. An epically amazing and witty show that revolves around a mother (Lorelai) and her daughter (Rory) who is an aspiring journalist with a dream of studying at Harvard. If you’ve never watched it before I order you to go watch it now! Go buy the boxset, it’s amazing! 😉
One of Rory Gilmore’s most important character traits is that she’s a bookworm. She reads endlessly, and a lot of the books are incredibly famous or critically acclaimed and are often quite serious/heavy going. As one of my New Years Resolutions this year I have decided to broaden my reading tastes and try and read a lot more classics/historically important books, so I thought this would be a great challenge to participate in!
You can take a look at Rory’s reading habits in the video below:

I love this video, it’s so like me it’s unreal! 🙂

So this challenge consists of 349 books, although there seem to be several different lists floating around the internet with varying numbers I have chosen to go with this one. It doesn’t cover a specific time period so I plan for this to be an ongoing challenge which I will occasionally pick a book from in between the stacks of books I already have waiting to be read! 🙂
I doubt I will ever complete this list if I’m honest. Looking at it I know there are some books on there that I will probably never read, for example George W. Bushism: The Slate Book of the Accidental Wit and Wisdom of our 43rd President by Jacob Weisberg. There’s also some Shakespeare on there which I have to confess I will not be reading, I’m in no shape or form a fan of his work; partly because of having it crammed down my throat at school and partly because of his extremely annoying portrayal of idiotic hormone driven teenagers  in Romeo & Juliet (just my opinion, feel free to disagree). There’s also quite a lot of Dickens on there, which again, I’m not a big fan of, however I’m willing to  give the guy another shot.
If you would like to view the full book list click here.

So the question is, will any of you out there be joining me?
Happy Reading 🙂

rory reading rory gilmore

34 thoughts on “The Rory Gilmore Book Challenge

  1. Oh my god. Yhis ounds like the perfect challenge! I was given the complete of Edgar Allen Poe for Christmas last year so that’s definitely a starting point. I think I’ll take part in this too. Also, Gilmore Girl is amazing. I’ve been watching it on E4! The amount of times people have told me I remind them of Rory is ridiculous, it’s not even that tue! Haha.

      • Haha, don’t worry about it.
        Great to have you on board! I shall look forward to comparing opinions of books with you. I’m really looking forward to participating in this challenge 🙂
        I love Gilmore Girls too, I’ve watched the whole series at least 3 times now on E4, and it just seems to get better each time I watch it!
        I can definitely understand why people compare you to her because of the whole Journalism aspect 🙂 And to have people say you remind them of Rory – what a great compliment!
        I hope you had a great Christmas too! 🙂

  2. I’ve seen a few episodes of Gilmore Girls and I know Rory is smart and she reads, but I never knew how much she likes books until now. She reminds me of me a little, only because I have books by my bed, in my drawers, and on my bookshelf. I’m trying to become a more electic reader myself, so maybe I wll take the challenge. I like choosing books randomly, so if I do I’m not going to follow the list.

    • Ahh yes, she is a complete and utter obsessed bookworm 🙂 It’s one of the main reasons I love the show so much. I too have books hidden away everywhere in my room, although it’s not as big as Rory’s stash, but it probably will be in time! I think every bookworm probably see’s some of themselves in Rory.
      Ahh yeah I undertand, I’m not following the list competely either, I’m choosing to take it more as a life goal, a list of books I will keep coming back to 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sadly, sometimes the classics are impossible to read (I’m looking at you, Don Quixote). But on the other hand, there are some that are really great and deserve the title.

    • Hehe, yeah I think thats why I haven’t read many of them out of choice in the past, I always just associated them with school and a chore, but recently I’ve had a change of heart after reading a couple of classics I enjoyed, and now I really want to investigate some more and expand my literary knowledge 🙂 (plus I’m getting really tired of all the Twilight replica’s in the YA section)

  4. Hello there,
    I’m a new reader of your blog. This sounds like a fantastic idea. I love Rory, I wish I could be her best friend. I will be joining you on this! I am looking forward to reading your updates too.
    Love Katie x

    • Hi Katie, it’s nice to meet you here in this little part of the blogging world. 🙂
      Thank you, I wish I could too hehe! Alas, if only she were real…

      That’s great, I’m so happy to have another person on board sharing the Rory Gilmore love. I will be sure to check out your blog too. 🙂
      Thanks for subscribing and commenting, I always love hearing from people!

  5. I’m so incredibly upset that I didn’t come across your blog before! I absolutely LOVE Gilmore Girls – got all the seasons, seen them multiple times and love them. I can totally relate to this post 🙂

    • Haha, awhhh thank you! 😀
      I’m always excited to find another Rory Gilmore fan! Unfortunately I only own the first season but I’ve watched the series at least 4 times, pretty much back to back. 😛 I never get tired of it.

      I’m glad you could relate, and thank you so much for following! 🙂

  6. This is such a great list! I never got into the Gilmore Girls because Alexis Bledel kind of annoys me… like, seriously annoys me, but I know that Rory is a really smart character and I have caught a couple episodes on ABC Family which were pretty amusing (I like Lorelei… Lorelai? Whatevs!). Maybe I’ll stuff my dislike and give the show a chance – that’s what happened when my friend insisted I try Sex & the City even though I was all whiny and “But I don’t LIKE Sarah Jessica Parker!!!!!!!!” I was lazily flipping through the channels one day and I saw an episode was on… started to like it… got hooked… wound up watching three or four episodes in a row – and now I want to watch the whole thing! XD
    I am gonna add this challenge to my blog and tag you; this should be fun! 😀 [even if it takes me years and years to complete D:]

    • I’m glad you like it Lauren! It’s so interesting that you find Bledel annoying, is that from interviews or a film you’ve seen her in? Or is it just her general demeanor? I’ve watched a few things with her in now and I like her as an actress but I’ve never bothered to find out more about her. She’s just adorable as Rory though and I know you will sympathise with so many of her storylines and her bookishness is of course awesome too. 😀 And Lorelei is so amazing, I love her just as much. They’re both brilliant and the show is so….argghh there are no words! It’s so great and it really nails some of the aspects of growing up while still being utterly hilarious. The show is about 50% Rory, 50% Lorelai so even if you don’t like Bledel is still definitely worth watching. 🙂

      HA! I had the exact same reaction to Sex in the City, the first words out of my mouth were Sarah Jessica Parker is really annoying, LOL. I watched half an episode and wasn’t that bothered, but maybe if you like it DESPITE her being in it I should give it a go!

      Great thanks! I don’t know who first decided to compile this list but it was a genius idea, I’m so gratefull to them because this will keep me entertained for years as you’ve said. 😀

      • You know I’ve gotta be honest and say that the biggest turn off from Bledel for me was watching Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I really hated that movie – so I was never able to give the books a chance (even though I heard good things). Idk what it was about her that I didn’t like, because I always relate to bookwormy types! Oh well, that was in my teen years. I think to watch Gilmore Girls now would be very comforting somehow! It seems like that kind of show. Kinda like One Tree Hill – which I STILL can’t get into but when I’m over a friend’s house in the morning she insists we watch that while having coffee lol. It’s not an awful show but it just doesn’t do it for me. I’m more of a BBC shows kinda gal versus the American CW / WB / ABC Family shows – but again, as I let the thought of Gilmore Girls creep into my mind, I’m thinking I might like it nowadays! 😀 plus there are some good newish shows on ABC Family now. I keep hearing such good things about Pretty Little Liars and I want to watch it but I haven’t gotten a chance! D:

        And oh, psh, as far as the book list goes, most of the ones I completed I had to read for school – so I can’t really take credit for picking them up on my own ala Rory! 😀 I just think it’s awesome that you’re doing this list and now I’m excited I hop on the bandwagon! Woo! Can’t wait to see which books surprise us xD or which ones are incredibly dull… :/

        Also, wanted to give a personal apology for not being around much this week to comment/ reply. My computer actually just up and fizzed out on me (but didnt want to advertise that in the main blog) so I’m waiting for it to get repaired and I’m commenting from my phone. I miss reading and commenting on your blog every day, but hopefully my comp will be healed (lol) by early next week! 😀

      • Mmm, I could see how that would happen. I did like the Traveling Pants films because of how much I could relate to various aspects of each character. The way they came together as friends even though they were so different was cool as well, I thought it was quite realistic. When I re-watched it a few years later though I did find it a bit contrived. Bledel is much better as Rory. 🙂 I personally wouldn’t recommend you read the books, but that’s just me. 😛 I didn’t actually like them much, I thought they were very average, quite lackluster too. If anything the films were better, so if you didn’t like them I would steer clear of the books!

        You’re right, it is a comforting show! There’s just something about it.
        I had very mixed thoughts about One Tree Hill, certain seasons I liked others I couldn’t stand! Everything is so cheesy too and by the end I couldn’t take it anymore! I enjoyed it for a while though. 🙂 One Tree Hill in the morning? That’s an interesting ritual!

        I watch Pretty Little Liars and I’m still a little on the fence with it, the first season was so boring and the writing was pretty bad. The story goes endlessly around in circles as well, but there’s something great about it because I can’t stop watching it! There are some seasons where stuff (so eloquent) really heats up and it literally had me glued to the screen in suspense. 🙂

        Hehee duly noted, I will use that to pad around my pride. 😉 Awwh thank you, it really has helped me expand my reading tastes so I love it, I owe a lot to Rory and her list. There are so many books I wouldn’t have even tried without this to point me in the right direction. Ha, touche! Lets hope there are more surprises over boredom.

        No worries! Take your time. I look forward to reading more of your posts when you get back. Your poor computer, I will pray for it’s swift recovery. 😉

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  10. Reblogged this on Front Porch, Sweet Tea, and a Pile of Books and commented:
    I love a book challenge and since I’ve (FINALLY) started watching The Gilmore Girls, after hearing from so many folks (including my kids!) about how they’re shocked I’ve never seen this show because they think it’s so me… the link goes to the list of Rory’s books that I’ll pass along to my daughter. I’m going through to see what I’ve read thus far… Join in!!!

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  17. Hi Becky,
    Love the challenge! I have to say – you should totally read the Shakespeare plays on the list, or better yet rent the Royal Shakespeare Company films or listen to them as audiobooks! His other works aren’t much like R&J. Most of them are really good!

    • Thanks! So glad you came across it. 🙂 I would like to think that I will able to give Shakespeare another go one day because he’s such an influential writer. Listening to them as audiobooks is a really good idea actually, I’ll remember that! Thanks for the tip, and for visiting. 😀

      Well, that, at least, is a relief!

  18. Wow i love The Gilmore Girls and i can’t believe that i have Rory’s booklist. I so totally doing this challenge!!! Can’t wait to start! Thanks for sharing this list!

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