April Wrap Up: Grishaverse, Silly Socks & the Battle of Winterfell!


Hello everyone!

Another month gone, another wrap-up post. These sure do come around quickly sometimes! (I’d also just like to preface this by saying that despite the title there will be NO Game of Thrones spoilers in this post!)

I’ve been sitting here trying to rack my brain for something interesting enough to share with you guys from April. I did think about trying to convince you that I’d learnt to talk to animals, built a spaceship, or found a fossilized dragon egg in amber that had hatched and I’d become a dragon rider (still ever hopefully after my childhood of watching Jurrasic Park), but somehow, I didn’t think you guys would take me at my word?

Game of Thrones dragon gif.gif(A girl can dream, right?)

April can basically be summed up in Dory’s famous words ‘just keep swimming…’ or the better know phrase, ‘keep on keeping on’.

Of course, there was that brief moment in the UK where we got July-worthy sun over the bank holiday weekend and we all had a freak-out and dug out the BBQ equipment, but it wasn’t long before the status quo returned.

By far the best thing about April for me was seeing all the amazing love you guys have given my Pancake Book Tag. SO many of you have participated in this now and I kind of feel really emotional about it??! I really didn’t think this many people would do it and the whole thing has far exceeded my expectations. You guys are absolutely incredible, THANK YOU! :’D

So, let’s get on with the wrapping up!

books read

April 2019 Book Wrap Up

Total Books Read: 4 | YA: 2| Adult: 2

The Binding by Bridget Collins | ★★★★★| Comments:
  My first 5-star read of 2019, hurrah! I was beginning to get worried! This stand-alone novel was absolutely stunning. It focuses on a bookbinder but has a forbidden romance, magical elements, and absolutely gorgeous writing. Review to come!

Shadow and Bone (The Grisha #1) | ★★★★| Comments: Who says tackling your backlist isn’t rewarding? Check me out finally dipping into the Grishaverse! I really enjoyed this first installment full of orphans, magic and evil creatures. Despite having pretty much ALL THE YA TROPES, it was fast-paced and gripping. Also, THE DARKING IS SO SUAVE AND SASSY.

Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo (The Grisha #2) ★★★ | Comments: Eh, this one felt like a bit of a slog despite the fact that there was more action in it? And OHH MY GOSH WHY WAS THERE SO MUCH WHINING?!? This was also too love triangle-ey for me… or should I say love rectangle??? However, there was also some great character development for Alina. 🙂

 The Poppy War by R.F Kuang | ★★★★| Comments: This book left me feeling conflicted because the characters were SO morally grey and I didn’t know who to root for, but the worldbuilding was amazing and it had the best trauma/PTSD rep I’ve read! You can read my review here.

What did you read this month?


film and TV watched

Film and TV Wrap Up April 2019.jpg

Apart from flailing hysterically over Game of Thrones… (I mean ADSFGHFGHGHFF THAT LAST EPISODE) here’s what I’ve been watching!

 Inferno (Robert Langdon series) | ★★★★| Comments: The Langdon series should be so cliche, but ohh how it does pander to my favourite things! History mysteries, dramatic races against the clock and lots and lots of PUZZLES, OOOH. Plus Tom Hanks is just the man!

The Umbrella Academy | ★★★★ | Comments: The whole of the internet told me I should watch this, so of course, I complied! I kinda wasn’t sure about it at first? I just didn’t get what they were going for, but it all slotted into place around episode 4 and then I was loving it! Superheroes brought up as siblings, bizarre powers, sibling rivalry – who doesn’t love a bit of that. 🙂

West World (Season 2)★★★★ | Comments: I can never quite decide how I feel about this series on robots from a ‘pleasure’ theme park fighting back against humans. In some ways, it’s incredible, brilliantly shot, and really makes you think about the big questions. In other ways, it’s overindulgent and the pacing can be a bit off!

After Life| ★★★★★| Comments: This series took me completely by surprise! I don’t normally like Ricky Gervais at all (I didn’t even want to watch this), but this mini-series looks at grief and the agony for those left behind, and somehow also balances it with snort-worthy hilarity!

The Darkest Hour| ★★★| Comments: I enjoyed this from a historical perspective, and there was a surprising number of funnies, but I couldn’t help but feel that Churchill came across slightly differently than I expected!

Lucifer Season 2 | ★★★| Comments: This show has its ups and downs, but there really is something amusing about the Devil being nicknamed ‘Lucie’, going to a therapist once a week and working for the LAPD by day and as a nightclub owner by night! 

What did you watch this month?


product of the month

Silly socks. Character prints

This month I am loving silly socks!

My whole life, I have worn nothing but black socks with the tiniest detail on them for practicality reasons, but since buying my Harry Potter socks from Primark I mayyyy have gotten a little bit hooked?!?

Now I have lots of different silly socks, including ones with corgi’s flashing their cute little bums, funky fox ones, awkward turtles, and lamas lamaste-ing. (The HP and fox socks were from Primark, and the others were from New Look.)

It’s nice to have weekend socks and they bring me so much joy!
It’s the little things in life, right? 

What did you buy this month? 


posts published

Blogs Posted: 3 | Reviews: 2 | Discussion Post: 1

Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon Book ReviewThe 10 Stages of Being A Newbie on Bookstagram 2
Mini Reviews

My favourite post by far this month was the Bookstagram one, and it definitely got the most views too! I’m glad it made some of you chuckle and that it made us all feel a little less alone with our social media woes! 😀


elsewhere on the blogosphere

Untitled design

Let’s Chat!
How was the month of April for you? What have you been reading, watching and discovering?  Are you a Games of Thones fan feeling ALL THE THINGS (feel free to DM me on Instagram or Twitter if you want to discuss/squeal specifics, no spoilers in the comments please!)


Becky the Bookaholic

35 thoughts on “April Wrap Up: Grishaverse, Silly Socks & the Battle of Winterfell!

  1. Ahh I always love reading your wrap ups Becky! You do such a wonderful job on them☺️ Oh yay, I’m happy to hear you’re reading the Grisha trilogy! Those books really are filled with alllll the tropes, and the characters can be super frustrating, but they’re pretty fun to read nonetheless. I definitely like Six of Crows better though haha!

    Also I’m so ashamed to say that I’ve never watched Game of Thrones😅 I want to so, so badly though! I’ve heard a lot about Arya these past few days and she sounds amazing haha. Hopefully I can get around to watching it this summer!

    Excellent wrap up, as always! And I hope you have a great May💞

    • Thank you so much! That’s SO lovely to hear and you have no idea how much it means. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!! 💕 😁
      So far, there’s definitely more pros that cons to the Grisha series so far, but I think my overall thoughts on it will be determined by how the final book wraps everything up. I just started it this weekend and I’m both excited and nervous for the characters! Pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to likes Six of Crows more so I’m looking forward to getting to that!

      You’re definitely not the only one not watching Game of Thrones! It’s definitely a cultural phenomenon, but in some ways, it’s good to watch a series when it’s finished because you can binge watch it all in one go! 😁 Arya is definitely a badass, but so are a lot of the characters. 🙂

      Thank you, lovely! Hope you have an amazing May too. 💕

  2. It’s great you’re finally reading the Grisha series, it’s never too late to pick up something that’s been on your backlist for ages right? 😀 I wasn’t as much of a fan of the second book in the trilogy either, I definitely agree there was a lot of whining and I really hated Mal’s character, but the third book was much better again. Do you plan to pick up Ruin and Rising soon (if you haven’t already?)
    I’m also glad you ended up enjoying The Umbrella Academy, I watched it when it was first released on Netflix a couple of months back now I think and really loved it, I can’t wait for season two. Great recap, and happy reading for May. I hope you have a great month. 🙂

    • Absolutely! It’s so satisfying finally getting to read them as well because I’ve seen so many references on the internet, and now I’m starting to understand what they’re about! I’ve just started the third books and it’s had some nice character moments so far. Nikolai is also on point. 😂
      I also really enjoy the exploration of power in this series and whether it’s wrong to want and embrace it, and also whether it corrupts. 🙂
      I’m also very excited for season 2, especially after THAT ending!

      Thank you so much, you too! I hope you read some amazing books in May. Thanks for reading and commenting. 😁💕

  3. Okay, I am IN LOVE with silly socks and so glad to see that you are as well! I don’t remember quite when I decided this, but I decided that life is way too short to wear boring socks.

    I’m so glad to see that you were able to start The Grisha Trilogy this month! In all honesty, I totally agree with your thoughts on the second book. Everyone got so incredibly whiny, and the whole story seemed to be centered around Alina’s love life. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Leigh Bardugo and her ability to tell stories, but The Grisha Trilogy is definitely not my favorite.

    Great post, and congratulations on a great month!

    • YAY!! HIGH FIVE FOR BEING IN THE SILLY SOCKS CLUB. I’m sad that it took me so long to discover it because it brings me such joy. 😁 You’re right, life is way too short!

      I’m so glad to hear I’m not out on my own with my thoughts on Siege of Storm. The thing is, it had some really good aspects but they were just overshadowed by all the petty drama and whining! I feel like Bardugo’s skill is so much better than that. Hoping book 3 will get back on track! 💪

      Thank you. 😊 I hope you have a lovely May full of wonderful books! 💕

  4. Hey book-buddy! Thank you for the shout out…reading “Dry” was a lot of fun!

    I can’t believe it’s May already. I haven’t even *started* my Christmas shopping yet. I’m really leaving it to the last minute again…

    Do you have really tiny feet, or are they just small socks? 🙂

    • No problemo! Very much enjoyed your review and it mirrored my thoughts exactly.
      I can’t believe it’s May either! Somehow, doing these wrap ups makes time seem to move faster!
      Christmas shopping, well, um, I did ACTUALLY buy something for the boyfriend’s stocking this week which is a *tad* scary…. BUT only because it was super reduced and I knew I wouldn’t find it again nearer the time!

      I do have tiny feet, all the better to ride the dragon with. 😉

      • Ooo, impressive planning ahead on the present buying. Clearly I have taught you well, young one!

        Wow! Tiny feet = better dragon riding… Who knew!?

      • Haha! It’s a rare occurrence, don’t expect it next year!

        Yep, more aerodynamic, but it also gives you more places in the dragon’s scales that you can wedge your feet into to get a good grip so you don’t fall off! (Basing this off real experience, obviously.)

  5. Ahh yes I remember that bit of sun on the bank holiday and how it burnt me!! haha!! And I would have definitely believed that you built a spaceship!! 😉
    I’m glad you are enjoying the grisha trilogy– tropes and all. It definitely has a love rectangle. I think my favourite is the last book in the series actaully– but that is quite an unpopular opinion I think!!
    I’ve watched Lucifer and it definitely a show you don’t take too seriously and watch for fun!! I do like Tom Ellis as Lucifer though— and the insane life his leads.
    I love quirky socks— they are so fun and I love yours!!
    Have a great May and happy reading!! ❤

    • I GOT BURNT TOO. Are we a British cliche or what?!? 😂
      Thank you for believing in my mechanical space skills. 😉
      I’ve just started the final book in the trilogy and I’m enjoying it so far, it’s had some nice character moments and Nikolai seems to be on form with his sneaky banter. 🙂 I was actually thinking how the theme of power and the hunger to embrace it is quite similar to The Poppy War. Random that it’s not a storyline I see much and then I get two in a row! I like it though – as females in general, we’re often subliminally taught that we shouldn’t really want power/hunger for success, and I find it quite interesting to see both characters lust for power!
      Yes, Lucifer definitely isn’t a serious show and I have to be in the right mood to watch it, but sometimes it has me in stitches! 😁
      Thank you! Hope you have some great May reads. 💕

      • Omg haha 😂😂 definitely British cliché!!
        You’re welcome 😉
        I’m glad you are enjoying it so far!! Haha yes Nikolai is very good with his banter 😂 that’s true actually– they are probably the only ones I have read like that as well. It is nice to see because often women are told they shouldn’t be like that as it is unladylike *eyeroll* so it is refreshing!!
        Yes true– it is one of those shows you have to be in the mood for!!
        Thank you!! 💕

  6. You’ve been reading a lot of great books, Becky! I agree that Siege & Storm being a bit of a slog, I think it suffers from second book syndrome of setting the stage for the final book. I also watched the Umbrella Academy (and GOT) and while I enjoyed the characters, the pacing is really off for me. Can’t wait for the second season though!

    • Yes, it seems April turned out to be a very good bookish month! I think you’re absolutely right about second book syndrome, and there was certainly a phase a few years back where all YA trilogies had love triangles book 2, and I think this series suffered from that, unfortunately.
      The pacing in the Umbrella Academy was off for me as well, I think that’s why it took so many episodes (about 4) before I was interested in what was going on! Hopefully, season 2 will be much better. 🙂
      Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a lovely May!

  7. Great wrap up, Becky!!! ❤ Siege and Storm had SO MUCH whining. My goodness. I remember nearly clawing my eyeballs out at moments, but it was still a fun book. Haha! The Darkling is very suave though. I love him. Hehe. And Silly Socks are the best! I used to never be into them, but now I can't seem to stop myself from constantly buying them.

    I hope you have a wonderful May, Becky! ❤

    • Thank you, Kelly. 🙂 Yes! Clawing your eyeballs out is the perfect description!! I do think there was some good character development for Alina in there, but it was buried under so much whining. 😂
      YAY FOR BEING IN THE SILLY SOCKS CLUB *HIGH FIVE.* The animal ones are my fave, hehee.
      Thank you, I hope you have a wonderfully bookish May as well!

  8. Becky, the Robert Langdon films really pander to all my favourites things too! However I was disappointed with Inferno, because they dramatically changed the ending from the book! As for Westworld, I loved the first series but – apart from the amazing Kiksuya episode – I was left rather boggled by the second series. However I have been absolutely LOVING the new GOT series 😀

    • I’m glad to hear that you also enjoy the Langdon films! I’m sorry to hear about Inferno, though. I haven’t actually read the books yet (they’ve been sitting on my shelves for years) so that wasn’t an issue for me, but I’ve certainly had that difficulty with other book-movie adaptations so I feel your pain.
      I completely agree with you about the ending of Westworld – I got so confused! I feel like I need to watch the last few again to get my head around everything. 🙂

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  10. I want in on the silly socks club! I’m actually currently wearing some Harry Potter socks and… I have way too many Harry Potter ones and ones with animals and just, I don’t know I’m such a fan of these kind of socks hahahaha. So glad I’m not the only one 😀
    I hope you will have a beautiful May! ❤ ❤

    • Yay! You can definitely join the silly socks club. 😀 Harry Potter socks are the BEST. I definitely plan on buying some more for my collection. My pair are already getting quite battered because as soon as they go through the wash I’m putting them on again, hehee. I might end up needing a bigger sock draw at this rate. :’D
      Thank you, I hope you have a lovely May as well! ❤

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  12. Ahh, Umbrella Academy! The internet (as well as people irl) has also been telling me to watch this, so I think I need to make it a summer project of mine. 😉 Also, YOUR SILLY SOCKS, I love them so much?? The Harry Potter ones are the best ever. I have Harry Potter socks and now it seems like a crime for me to wear any other socks besides that pair…

    I hope you’re having a lovely May! ❤

    • I’m embarrassingly late replying to this comment, I’m so sorry! I somehow missed the notification!
      THANK YOU SO MUCH. You can definitely join the silly socks club if you want to. 😛 I think everyone should be forced to own at least one pair of Harry Potter socks, for the sake of their soul. 😀
      You should definitely give the Umbrella Academy a go, it’s really fun and despite using a lot of traditional superheroes tropes it feels very fresh because of the way they’ve turned some tropes on their head and used interesting cinematography!

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