Evercrossed by Elizabeth Chandler Review 4/5

evercrossed by elizabeth chandler

Overall Impression: An excellent lighthearted book that is a must read for hopeless romantics.

(To read my review of the previous book from The Kissed by an Angel series click here.)

This is the third book that I have read for the Eclectic Reader Challenge, this one is for the romance catagory. To find out more about this challenge you can visit the original challenge creator at Book’d Out. 🙂

Please note: For those of you that haven’t read the previous book, Kissed by an Angel this review may contain spoilers in the first two paragraphs only. However, for those of you who have read the previous book, this review will not contain any major spoilers about the book Evercrossed. :)

It’s been a year since Ivy’s boyfriend, Tristan, died, and in that time she has tried to move on. But when a near fatal accident leaves her own life hanging in the balance, Ivy finds herself reunited with Tristan as she floats towards the afterlife. A passionate kiss from him returns her to life, but when Ivy wakes up in hospital, all she can think about is Tristan and the love she has lost.
And memories are not all that’s come back from the past… Cast out from heaven for saving the girl he loves, Tristan finds himself back on earth, in the body of a stranger. Can he find his way back to Ivy – and will their love be enough to save them?

The book begins with Ivy, Beth and Will trying to escape the memories of last summer by spending their holiday in Cape Cod in exchange for working at Beth’s Aunt’s hotel. On the surface, Ivy has moved on with her life, and is happily soaking up the beach with her boyfriend Will. But as the anniversary of Tristan’s death rolls ever closer, she finds her thoughts constantly straying back to the life she once had with him and the heartbreaking pangs that accompany it. One evening when Beth’s cousin is bored, she convinces them to perform a séance. As they all sit around the Ouija board the planchette begins turning angrily counter clockwise; rain pours, thunder claps, and doors smash wide open. Then suddenly everything stops. They pack the board away and try to ignore the strange occurrence. However, in the following days Beth has a growing feeling of unease, and after Beth and Ivy get into a car crash she becomes even more convinced something strange and otherworldly is going on. Ivy is desperate to believe it is Tristan, while Beth is convinced it’s Ivy’s murderous step brother back from the dead. But who is correct?

Elizabeth Chandlers writing is exactly what you would expect for a young adult book of this genre; lighthearted, romantic, and at times funny. She can write perfectly well, although she has quite a simple style and falls into the occasional trap of telling rather than showing when it comes to character descriptions. So far, I’ve found her books a very enjoyable read, simply because they are very easy to pick up and put down and require little effort or strain on the brain, which I found really nice for a change of pace. Evercrossed is a perfect spring/summer read to immerse yourself in whether it’s for a couple of minutes or an hour at a time.

The plot of this book is well paced so that the reader won’t get bored, although that being said, it was quite a small book and I read it in about two sessions. However this doesn’t exclude the fact that I was drawn into the storyline from the very first page, and I couldn’t rest until I had finished the book. Additionally I liked that it wasn’t predictable and that I had no idea how the story was going to end. The book also finishes with a cliffhanger that will have you yanking at your hair in frustration. Clever Chandler, Clever. Way to guarantee yourself more book sales!

The characters in Evercrossed are just as great as they were in Kissed by an Angel. The lead Ivy is loveable and realistic, giving you the feeling that you could meet her on a normal day walking down the street. Beth is ever the worrier of the group and still walks around clutching her pen and notebook for whenever inspiration strikes for one of her stories, and Will is selfless and caring. These characters work well because of the dialogue between them, it’s witty, funny and heartbreaking. It made me giggle in public places resulting in some strange stares, and at times I felt so bad for the characters I wanted to reach right through the book and give them a hug. Chandler’s dialogue is the reason her books work, it makes them memorable.
We are also introduced to three or four new characters in Evercrossed, however I don’t think these were developed as well. I didn’t really get a sense of their individual traits and their personalities seemed too similar to other already existing ones. For instance Kelsey who we are introduced to, resembles Ivy’s best friend, right down to attitude and obsession with guys. But, taking this into account it could be because Kissed by an Angel is actually a compilation of several novels, and therefore the book was much longer which allowed more character development and exploration.

I would recommend this book to female teens aged 11-20 who enjoy lighthearted romance stories with a sprinkle of the supernatural on top. 🙂

Writing Style: 3/5
Originality: 3/5
Entertainment: 5/5
Character Development: 3/5
Would I recommend this book? Yes

Overall 4/5

Image Source: http://www.bookdepository.com/Evercrossed-Elizabeth-Chandler/9781847389176

14 thoughts on “Evercrossed by Elizabeth Chandler Review 4/5

  1. *sigh* I keep telling myself I should give paranormal romances a chance… but after Twilight and a disappointment of a series that came recommended as being what Twilight wasn’t, I’m really really leery of them. They all look and sound the same- not to mention I’m really leery of angels as love interests. They never seem to act angelic, just like whiny humans. And I’m a bit biased because I’m Catholic and have been raised with the notion of angels as pure spirits/heavenly messengers/heavenly warriors- none of which really seem to indicate the possibility of a love affair with humans. But again, I’ve had really bad experiences with paranormal romance and angel love interests (attempting to read Hush, Hush left the book in danger of being thrown against the nearest wall…)

    • That’s fair enough, I wouldn’t push yourself to read them if they are just not your sort of thing. I quite like them as a lightweight book inbetween heavier ones, as they require little brain power. 🙂 There are some good ones out there, Kelley Armstrong to name one, but there are also tonnes of terrible ones. It seems publishers went crazy after the popularity of Twilight and started publishing anything and everything similar to it.
      I’m not too keen on the whole ‘angel trend’ either and I think this book would have made a pefectly good story without the angel element. The character is also more like a ghost than what I would consider an angel.
      Haha ohh dear no wonder! I though Hush Hush was a terrible, a total carbon copy of Twilight, I disliked it as well. It kept popping up as a suggestion on amazon and I didn’t like the look of it, but one day I saw a copy at the library and thought what the heck. However I did really enjoy the second book in the series, much to my suprize. I haven’t read the third yet. Was Hush Hush the one suggested to you? Also what others have you read? 🙂

      • My current lightweight books are the Dresden Files books and possibly Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Norville series (I’ve only read the first one and don’t have the money to shell out to get the rest). They’re entertaining in an action-heavy, nothing-too-deep-or-difficult sort of way. And they’re immensely fun. But I have to admit that YA as a whole has never really appealed to me. Even Divergent, which I’m reading right now and has been praised as one of the better new-ish novels in the genre, has some major issues with characterization and plausibility.
        See, a ghost story could have been mildly cool! Touch of bitterness (I’m a huge sucker for bittersweet endings) and possibilities in terms of what binds a soul to earth even when they’ve died…
        I tried to read it and could get nowhere. It was just so boring. It felt like a bad fanfiction AU of Twilight. I think the other thing that bugs me so much about paranormal romances is that there’s never any real doubt about what the outcome will be, once we’ve been given a premise. There never seems to be any real worry over the fact that the paranormal object of desire could be really dangerous, or may have done horrible things. And after a while, I get sick of seeing the flimsy reasons such problems get waved aside with, especially if one of the characters is a teenager. I prefer adult romance (as in between two older folks, not smut), if it has to be in a story at all.
        And that was probably a much longer response than you wanted, and it didn’t really even answer the question. But as far as paranormal romance, I’ve read Twilight in its entirety, attempted Hush, Hush, attempted Shiver, and tried out various other vampire romances. None of them were very memorable, I’m afraid.

      • Cool 🙂
        Yeah I’ve heard mixed reviews of Divergent, I’ve read several reviews of it on blogs and many people have praised it, but I’m not really convinced. I’m weary of any author that jumps onto the latest crazy (the current one being dystopian of course) and the storyline doesn’t sound very interesting to me. I started reading the first few pages on amazon, and I didn’t get on with it, it was more like hard work than enjoyable reading.
        Yeah I agree! You don’t get many ghost stories out there these days, or at least I haven’t come across any…I’d definitely be into reading a book about ghosts, I don’t believe in them personally but I love all the theories that go with it.
        Yeah I completely understand your point. Strangely it’s never really bothered me, and when I was younger I never saw it as a fixed outcome. Now I guess I see paranormal romance being more about the journey than the destination. Plus occasionally it’s nice to have a happily ever after as some light relief. 🙂
        Haha yeah it is a bit crazy how they ignore all these basic problems that would come up! I would suggest (if you ever decide to plunge into the genre again) Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten. Although it’s Paranormal romance it is actually aimed at adults. That’s probably your best shot at at least tolerating one.
        Cool 🙂 Ahh I’ve got Shiver on my shelf, I was given it by a friend for my birthday. I hope I get on with it better than you did :S
        Haha don’t worry about the longness! 🙂 It’s really interesting to see an opposing view on paranormal romance from someone who can argue their point properly!

  2. I totally agree with you! The cliffhanger had me yelling into the pages, like ‘no, it can’t finish here!’ and the events that happen with ‘Guy’ – the plot twist regarding that character had me itching for the next book!!

    • Me too! It was so annoying as well because it’s such a small book anyway, she could have made it longer and finished off the series in one book, but no lets drag it out into another one so we can make more money! Haha. 🙂
      Have you read the next book in the series after this one? I think it’s called Everlasting or something?

      • Yeah I thought that she could’ve just put that book and the next book in one seeing as how thick the first book was! No I haven’t read it…I don’t think it’s out yet…? (I’ll look that up! haha) btw, I’d definitely say check out The Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent. It’s really good 🙂

      • I’ve just looked it up and it was released March 29th this year so it’s only recently out. 🙂 I think it will probably be a while until I buy it though.

        Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂 I’m always looking for new books. The series looks great and certainly has good reviews! Although I’m a little concerned by the quote on the front cover saying “Twilight fans will love this” :S

  3. I’ve been meaning to check out this series for a while now (I admit, because the cover looks cool). Thanks for the great review! 🙂

    • Haha, the cover is pretty darn cool.
      I hope you do decide to check them out, they’re a very pleasant read and it will be interesting to find out what you think of them. 🙂

      No problem, thank you!

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