October Wrap Up: Superheroes, Addictive TV Shows & Busy Work Schedules!



Hello bloggers!

After much thought, I’ve decided to start doing my own wrap-up posts, and I am VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS!

When I first started blogging I wasn’t a big fan of wrap-ups because I didn’t think they added anything new, but since, I’ve seen so many great bloggers be creative with them that now they’re often my favourite kinds of post! I’ve been thinking a lot about wrap-ups since I recently changed my blogging style and decided I wasn’t going to review everything I read – I’ve been debating how I can showcase books in other formats. Additionally, I’ve been looking to expand the topics I talk about to include my other interests. A wrap up seemed like a great way to spotlight some of these, alongside general updates.

 I asked you guys on Instagram and twitter whether you would be interested in Blogs of a Bookaholic wrap-ups and the answer was a resounding yes. So your wish is my command!

Depending on life and time restraints, I may do wrap-ups every month, or every two months. We’ll see how this goes!

What should I expect from your wrap-ups?

  • Short life updates
  • Books read (ratings and summarising my thoughts in a couple of sentences).
  • Film and TV watched (ratings, and mini reviews)
  • Product of the month – I’m keeping this purposely vague, I could be discussing anything from fashion and makeup to phone apps and homeware!
  • Blog posts published
  • Posts I’ve enjoyed from other bloggers

Hopefully, this will be interesting to you, but let me know if there’s anything else you’d be interested in seeing. I’d love to hear your thoughts and will consider requests!

So, here we go!

Personal Updates

October has been a pretty uneventful month for me – very head down 9 to 5 grind. September and October is the busiest time of year where I work (because we’re a therapeutic children’s centre we get the most referrals around this time as children move up in classes and struggle to adapt). Yesterday, I went in to find 300 EMAILS TO ACTION. Yikes. We’re also down a person at the moment which makes thing even busier.

On a positive note, this month I started shadowing an Educational Psychologist which has been brilliant. I’m still trying to decide which area of Psychology to go forth and Doctorate with, so this has been giving me great insight!

Also, here’s a picture of my face when Kingdom of Ash arrived for your amusement. Becky excitement equals HAPPY CHIPMUNK GRIN.

Kingdom of Ash release


books read

October 2018 Book Wrap UpTotal Books Read: 3 | Rory Gilmore Challenge: 1 | Backlist books: 1

Pandemonium (Delirium series book 2) – BACKLIST | ★★ 1⁄2| Comments: I loved reading Delirium last month but Pandemonium was a disappointment. It felt like 90% of this book was filler. I enjoyed the first half purely for the authors writing alone, but by the midway mark, I was struggling. I hope Oliver can redeem herself with book 3!

A Thousand Perfect Notes | ★★★★| Comments: I’ve been following Paper Fury’s blog for years now, so I was really pumped when she finally managed to get a book deal! I really enjoyed this story on family, domestic abuse and love. The writing was super playful and sassy (like Cait’s blog) and THERE WAS LOTS OF CAKE.

Little Dorrit – Rory Gilmore Challenge | ★★★★| Comments: This was a 800-page BEAST that pretty much defined my October. The writing in my copy is also TINY (which certainly caused a few headaches) but overall I really enjoyed this. Classic Dickens, full of rich vs poor morals, following a young lady down on her luck whose father is locked in a debtors prison.

film and TV watched

October film wrap up 2018

I had a 30 day free trial of Now TV this month and a few extra days off, so I went a little film crazy and finally had a chance to catch up with a lot of the superhero movies I’d missed lately. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed myself!!

Wonder Woman | ★★★★★| Comments: I enjoyed this SO MUCH MORE THAN I EXPECTED TO. I was pre-planning eye rolling and sarcy comments galore but I love what they did with this film. The outfit is still stupid, but they’ve definitely revamped this icon with a more 21st-century feminist twist. Bonus points for the World War II backdrop and romping round ye olde London.

Justice League | ★★★ | Comments: This was okay. I enjoyed seeing all the characters get together but I felt like something was missing. Plus, I just can’t handle Ben Affleck as Batman.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 | ★★★★ | Comments: Just as good as the first movie – comedy gold, great 80s music and plenty of adorable I am Groot!

Dr Strange | ★★ | Comments: This film and I didn’t gel. Cumberbatch was awesome (as always) but I found the plot really messy, I didn’t really care about all the good and bad monks running around, and I felt Dr Strange’s transformation from a selfish surgeon to a selfless magic wielder rushed.

Thor: Ragnarok | ★★★★ | Comments: The sci-fi take on Thor’s normally more mythological story was rather bizarre and jarring, but I didn’t stop laughing from the moment this started until the credits. Props to the scriptwriter!

Logan | ★★★★★  | Comments: The X-Men are by far my favorite heroes, and Wolverine most of all, so it’s not a surprise that I absolutely ADORED this. It also emotionally ruined me!!!

October 2018 TV wrap up

Wow, I have watched some AMAZING WORLD CLASS TV this month. I feel spoilt (and also slightly worried that I have cashed in my metaphorical TV tokens all at once). These series went over and above my expectations!

Stranger Things | Season 1 ★★★★★  | Season 2 ★★★★ | Comments: I had seen so much praise and flailing over Stranger Things, yet didn’t know much about it (I was also worried it would be scary!) but I decided to take the plunge. I binge watched each season on two lazy Sundays. I couldn’t get enough! It’s set in the 80s and everything about it feels retro, from the outfits, music and the way its shot. It follows a group of nerdy misfit boys after their friend goes missing due to supernatural means. The thing I loved most about this show was that it gets 3 different generations involved – the kids, teens and adults all work together! It’s also clear that Stranger Things is very self-aware of its own subgenre, and plays on that in an epic way!

Patrick Melrose  |  ★★★★★  | Comments:  Based on the series of semi-autobiographical books, Patrick Melrose is a 5 part miniseries and wow, it is pure artistry. What gorgeous cinematography – the shots, the lighting, the way the story goes from past to present in a web of complexity looking at trauma, childhood memories and addiction. It’s fabulously acted and a brilliant character study. I cannot recommend enough! 

Alias Grace  |  ★★★★★  | Comments: I also binge watched this 6 part miniseries in one weekend. It’s an adaptation of a Margaret Atwood novel which was based around true events in the 1800s when two servants were accused of murdering their employees. It follows Grace who has the chance to be pardoned for her crimes. A doctor interviews her about her life and gaps in her memory surrounding the event. Grace weaves a tale of hardship and discrimination. Brilliantly crafted and well scripted, it keeps you guessing right up to the end! Note to self: I need to look into reading more Atwood novels!

product of the month

Victoria Secret Mist Spray

I’ve been loving these Victoria Secret body mists. I’m kind of between perfumes right now – my go-to for years With Love by Hilary Duff was discontinued and my previous bulk order finally ran out *SOB*. While I was looking for an alternative I spotted these. They have a huge variety of fragrances and I currently have Secret Charm (floral) Mango Temptation (LITERALLY THE SMELL OF SUMMER) and Pure Seduction which I keep at the boyfriend’s (he says it reminds him of one of his childhood shampoos… not exactly what I was going for, but I’ll take it!)

Being mist sprays, the smell doesn’t last very long but whenever I use these I instantly feel fresher, they also work as great room sprays! They’re £12 per bottle from Superdrug but they’re 100ml, and although I’ve used them a LOT there’s still loads left in the bottles so I definitely feel they’re value for money!!

Sidenote: If you have any sweet/warm fragrance recs, let me know!

posts published

5-ya-tropes-that-make-me-feel-old-e1537379788280.png5-reasons-i-didnt-like-the-price-guide-to-the-occult.png6 Books on my Autumn TBRMy favourite (and also my most popular post this month) was 5 YA Tropes that Make Me Feel Old – I was able to put together a lot of thoughts that had been whirring around my head (and rant a bit as well) which was satisfying!elsewhere on the blogosphere


  • drizzle&hurricane hosts Shattering Stigmas, where a multitude of bloggers share their mental health stories and book recs! It was so wonderful to hear about everyone’s experiences and different perspectives. As someone with their own mental health story, it’s so comforting to know you’re not alone!
  • Ioana at Dragon Waffles tells us how to write the perfect Halloween book in a totally #sassgoals way. I laughed and nodded my way through this entire post!
  • Elizabeth offers us tea and discusses whether books can become problematic within the context of diversity and own voice authors. I really related to this post because sometimes I feel lost in the minefield that is diverse books. This blogger brings up some really interesting points and it was great to read about someone else who doesn’t have it all figured out yet but is trying their damn hardest and rocking it!

Untitled design

Let’s Chat!
How was the month of October for you? What have you been reading, watching and discovering? Let me know in the comments!

Becky the Bookaholic

20 thoughts on “October Wrap Up: Superheroes, Addictive TV Shows & Busy Work Schedules!

  1. A splendid bit of wrapping up here, Becks. I reckon I’ll take a look at Logan at the weekend, what with both you and Wikipedia recommending it. You look justifiably smug in that selfie too!

    A therapeutic children’s centre sounds like it would be a challenging place to work. I don’t think I could do that type of job, so fair play to you.

    My October has been busy at work because they keep putting me in charge of stuff. I started a new job back in June, and after six months they’ve decided I’m not a delicate little newbie any more.

    I watched Bodyguard, which was good apart from the last episode which felt rushed. Also the Twelve Monkeys TV series, which was good apart from the last part of the last episode which felt soppy. I decided to rewatch the Twelve Monkeys film, which I hadn’t seen since renting it from Blockbuster on VHS tape…! It was weird because there was much I had forgotten, including the fact that Brad Pitt was in it. I have no recollection of him ever being in the film.

    • Why thank you, Cargill. Definitely give Logan a go if you follow the XMen series – it’s quite a lot darker and bloodier than the usual franchise movies too.

      Ha! I was rather smug, especially because that book turned up unexpectedly a few days in advance of its release date (aka like Christmas coming early!)

      The Children’s centre can be a tough place to work but overall it’s really rewarding and it’s the area I want to go into. It’s also sweet when kids get to know you and rush in to see you!

      Ohh nooo! You let on that you’re competent and know how to do stuff, THAT’S ALWAYS A BIG MISTAKE. Give an inch and they will take your firstborn, lol! What is the new job? Is it still IT related?

      Ah, I caught a bit of The Bodyguard by accident. I didn’t follow it but it looked very good. I just had to look up 12 Monkeys, it sounds interesting! I like a good bit of sci-fi.

  2. Aw thanks so much for reading ATPN! 😍And I love your wrap-up here! (I still need to see so many movies omg but I’m really excited for Logan…excited to have my feels punched, I guess?!😭😂)

  3. Oh, I like the new wrap up! These are going to be fun…

    Wow. *300* emails? You earned your money that day! The Ed Psych is going to be a good thing, I can tell!

    You still look like you should be purring in that picture of you and the new book. Makes me smile whenever I see it. Maybe you should make it your profile picture?

    Wonder Woman is still on my TBR, and Logan might be too violent for me. I agree with your review of Dr Strange..It’s nothing I’d rush out to watch again. GOG-2 didn’t feel as fresh to me as the first one, but it did redeem itself in the last act, I felt.

    Thor was funny, I liked seeing the Hulk in action, and the guy playing the rock creature had the most beautiful voice. If you like the look of it, you should rent Flash Gordon.

    • Glad you enjoyed the post, Tony!

      Yup. I was actually in the office on my own that day too, so there was NO WAY I was getting through all of those…

      Ha! I think I may have actually been purring. I had the title on preorder and it actually ended up turning up earlier than it was supposed to so I was ecstatic! The quality of the picture is not the best but I may add it to my about page which is in desperate need of updating!

      I mentioned above to Cargill actually that Logan was much more bloody than I was expecting (it’s definitely got significantly more violence than the rest of the XMen franchise). I think you’ll enjoy Wonder Woman when you get to it!

      Agree with you on GOG2, and yes, the rock man’s voice was epic, he was so funny as well. 😀

  4. I’m happy you decided to do a wrap-up, I really like reading these kind of posts, it feels like catching up with every blogger and I love it! 🙂
    I’m sorry that Pandemonium disappointed you – I loved Delirium so, very much and the entire series, but I have to say the second book was maybe my least favorite. I hope you’ll keep on going with the series and that you’ll enjoy it though 😀 and yay for ATPN, I loved this book 😀
    Thank you so much for sharing my Shattering Stigmas posts, I’m happy you enjoyed them ❤ ❤
    Have a fantastic month!!

    • Thank you!
      I absolutely adored Delirium as well and I really kicked myself for leaving it sitting on my bookshelf for so long. I enjoyed the first half of Pandemonium a lot, but as it went on, it felt like the ‘now’ and ‘then’ chapter format was used to hide that there wasn’t a whole lotta plot going on. Whether I get on with the final book or not, I’ll definitely be checking out some of Oliver’s other work – her writing is gorgeous!
      No problem, it was an amazing feature! Thanks for stopping by. 😀

  5. Oh, I LOVE your wrap-up!!! Wrap-Ups can be SO FUN to write so I hope you enjoy writing them! And thanks for sharing my post 💕
    Have fun shadowing, that sounds so cool! I hope it helps you know which area of psych to head into!

    • Thank you, Elizabeth! I can safely say I had SO much fun writing this that I’m already looking forward to doing one for November. 🙂 No problem!
      Thank you, I’m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that it helps me find the direction I want to move forward with.

  6. Ahh, this is such a lovely wrap up! I always love seeing what’s going on with other bloggers, and wrap ups are such a fun post to write, too.☺️
    I loved ATPN too! The characters were amazing, and of course THE CAKE. I hope you have an amazing month!

  7. Well, I am so glad you decided to start doing wrap-ups, Becky, because this was so much fun to read! You weren’t kidding when you said your month was filled with superhero movies! I’m so surprised that you hadn’t seen Stranger Things before! Isn’t is just great???? WHY DID BARB HAVE TO DIE THOUUUUUUGHHHH???? And woah, is Little Dorrit really that long? I watched the BBC version, but haven’t read it. I’m glad to hear it’s good though! I hope you have a great November 🙂

    • Thank you, Kat, I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it!
      I know right?! It’s actually a little scary how much screen time I had in October, but I had to make use of the free movies option while it lasted. 😀
      Stranger things was AMAZING. I’m already marking my calendar for season 3 next year coming out in March!
      Little Dorrit really is that long… ACK. I must admit, I started going a little stir crazy with it after a while! Thanks for letting me know there’s a TV version of that because I wasn’t aware, I’d be really interested to watch that to see how they interpret the story!

  8. YES 100% AGREE ABOUT BEN AFFLECK BEING BATMAN. It’s really ruined the whole character for me lately and I refuse to watch any current Batman movies! But so glad you’ve been able to get caught up on so many Marvel movies, I did that a few months ago and really enjoyed them overall.

    • YAY FOR SHARING VIEWS! I completely agree and it’s annoying because I was really getting into the DC movies and I feel like he’s ruining them, lol! The last couple of movies also haven’t been the same quality… I think I heard somewhere that the writer might have changed? I’m still looking forward to Aqua Man though. 😀

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